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Regardless of size or industry, our mission is to partner with you to create better employee experiences and inspiring workplaces, that deliver higher performance and bottom line benefits for your organisation.

Fundamentals of negotiation.

Negotiations happen all day every day in many different ways whether we’re conscious of it or not – between work colleagues, in meetings, negotiating deadlines, with clients and other key stakeholders. We even negotiate at home with our family members on a daily or hourly basis!

In business today, most negotiations involve multiple stakeholders with competing priorities, budgetary constraints, environmental and a sustainability emphasis just to name a few areas of focus. No two negotiation are the same. This module equips leaders with the skills to plan and participate in any negotiation scenario in a way that can achieve win/win outcomes.

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Appropriate Workplace Behaviours

Building and maintaining a positive and healthy workplace culture requires regular and consistent focus on values and expected behaviors.  Despite everyone’s best efforts, unfortunately bullying, harassment and discrimination can still occur at work and potentially cause enormous amounts of emotional, reputational and financial damage. Prevention is always better than a cure!

Whether you have people leaders involved in recruitment, new starters who need onboarding on ‘how we do things around here’ or have a large regional or remote workforce that you need to know is complying with expected standards; we are experienced in delivering tailor made training to ensure you’re managing risk and also raising awareness.

In this workshop we cover:

  • Where does ‘work’ occur – what’s in scope & out of scope
  • Recognise inappropriate workplace behaviours: bullying, harassment & discrimination and less obvious things that just don’t feel right; applied to real life examples and scenarios that fit your business.
  • Understand your role as a leader / team member / colleague / bystander
  • What to do if something doesn’t feel right, a framework for handling inappropriate or unwelcome behaviour including the escalation steps from direct feedback to formal complaint
  • Understand risk & potential consequences if not handled appropriately
  • Develop skills & confidence to handle difficult conversations & situation

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Strategic Organisational Alignment Sessions

Company & Team Alignment

This session is tailored to each organisation to ensure that there is a clear alignment between the company mission, strategies and values to the teams and departments within the organisation. It provides the clarity for what each part of the business needs to focus on and prioritise to deliver on the organisational goals. The session will also highlight the capabilities and behaviours that are going to be called upon to achieve this, often resulting in a review of workforce planning and capability.

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Team Alignment

A session tailored to meet the needs of the team stage (forming, storming, norming, performing) focused on understanding and exploring individual and collective strengths, social contracting, boundaries, meetings, expected behaviours and how we will hold the team accountable. We know that the team we work in is the nexus of how an individual experiences culture. This is an important session to facilitate new beginnings post change.

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Leading through Change

Dealing with Ambiguity. This session helps build individual capability in how to positively embrace change through the introduction and exploration of a number of change models and principles. The session focuses on the mindset and how to adapt/embrace the changes around us.

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Mental Toughness and Resilience

This interactive session introduces the concepts of mental toughness and mental sensitivity through the use of the four C’s (confidence, commitment, challenge and control). Resilience is explored as how we bounce back from adversity and mental toughness is a mindset we can embrace in both the positive and negative.

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Leading for Peak Performance

Improving Achievement at Work

This session is designed for leaders at all levels to build confidence and capabilities in proactively resolving issues in the workplace. Whether the issues be poor behaviours, breach of policies or poor performance, this session will cover the legal requirements and your internal issue resolution processes to aid leaders to manage this effectively. Managing these issues in a timely and constructive manner not only improves performance but also has a positive impact on your organisational culture.

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Having Effective 1 on 1’s

One-on-ones help employees, managers and companies in different ways. One-on-ones are a sacred time where employees get a manager’s undivided attention. It’s an opportunity to: Managers are managers for a reason; they have the experience, the smarts and the context to help steer employees down the right path. This session delivers best outcomes when attended by employees and their leaders from within a business unit or from across the whole organisation.

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The Power of Feedback

Feedback is the cheapest, most powerful, yet, most under used management tool that we have at our disposal. Feedback is powerful as it helps people get on track, it serves as a guide to assist people to know how they and others perceive their behaviours and performance. This highly interactive session will provide leaders and employees with the basic tools to have effective feedback conversations as well as build confidence to provide feedback in a timely and constructive manner.

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Customised Development Programs

Can’t find what exactly what you’re looking for? We can design and deliver a customized workshop to fit your specific topic and industry needs.  We have a brilliant Agile Team of HR professionals and coaches with a wealth of experience in large, complex organisations and working in government, across industries, who can also design and deliver blended learning programs and facilitated sessions in areas such as:

  • Organisational Structure and Design
  • Vision, Values and Strategy alignment
  • Team Building and Effectiveness
  • Coaching for Success
  • Having difficult conversations

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Speaking + Media

We’re regularly asked to facilitate sessions at conferences or present keynotes in areas (we’re noisy about or) have a lot of experience in, such as: diversity, inclusion, bullying & harassment, cultural competency, workplace culture, entrepreneurship and innovation, workplace re-design and future proofing capabilities.

Our CEO Katriina is sought after guest speaker and has spoken in Canada, Qatar, New Zealand and around Australia, and she regularly provides insights for articles and media.

Diversity + Inclusion: Moving from unconscious bias to conscious inclusion

Everyone has bias. In today’s workplace, it is time for everyone to stop tiptoeing around the issue.

Bias is just another word for preference, it can be a habit (I take 2 sugars in my macchiato) or when a person or a group of people have a strong inclination of the mind or a preconceived opinion about something or someone (our business needs to hire Engineers from Melbourne Uni to get the skills we need) – that may be favourable or unfavourable for or against an idea.  The key to improving performance at both team and individual levels is to become aware of and accountable for understanding that our biases are only based on how we see the world; and that by adopting a growth mindset we can individually and collectively expand the horizons of what we thought previously (im)possible.

By becoming more consciously inclusive of a broader range of perspectives and diverse thinking, organisations can super-charge the way they recruit, promote, allocate work, and manage performance; and unleash untapped potential for innovation and out of the box thinking.

In this workshop we cover:

  • Why inclusion is important + what it means to your organisation – in your own context
  • Outside-in thinking  – what is best practice + benchmarking ourselves against the pack
  • How do we take control of our individual + collective decision making and elevate them to highest potential + performance and how to avoid the usual traps that lead groups to sub-optimal decisions

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