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There has been a shift in psychological research over the past two decades from focusing on treatment of ill-health, towards protection of mental health and applying evidence-based research to enhance positive emotions.

Positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment are all factors that make up the most well researched model of positive psychology, conceptualised by Martin Seligman (PERMA). This model aims to conceptualise how we use researched techniques that directly influence enhanced wellbeing.

This course aims to build an understanding of PERMA and how it can be applied at work and in everyday life, to build psychological wellbeing and in turn support participants to be at their best.

In this workshop we cover:

  • Understand the theoretical framework for positive psychology and how this contributes to optimal wellbeing
  • Learn why each aspect of the PERMA model is relevant to the workplace and how it can improve positive emotions in our home and work life
  • Undertake exercises that allow the learner to apply positive psychology techniques and understand how to use these outside of the learning context
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