Strategic Organisational Alignment sessions


A Human Agency's Workshops

Company and Team Alignment

This session is tailored to each organisation to ensure that there is a clear alignment between the company mission, strategies and values to the teams and departments within the organisation. It provides the clarity for what each part of the business needs to focus on and prioritise to deliver on the organisational goals. The session will also highlight the capabilities and behaviours that are going to be called upon to achieve this, often resulting in a review of workforce planning and capability.

Team Alignment (teamwork sessions)

A session tailored to meet the needs of the team stage (forming, storming, norming, performing) focused on understanding and exploring individual and collective strengths, social contracting, boundaries, meetings, expected behaviours and how we will hold the team accountable. We know that the team we work in is the nexus of how an individual experiences culture. This is an important session to facilitate new beginnings post change.

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