Stepping into Supervision


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You’ve worked hard to ascend the career ladder so you could reach a leadership position. Congratulations! You made it. Now what?

Stepping into a management role for the first time isn’t just a change of task — it’s a fundamental shift of identity. Shifting from being a peer to a leader is no small thing.

To be successful, new managers must transition from getting the work done themselves to getting the work done through others. This requires a new level of self-awareness, an additional range of skills, and a new perspective that redefines success.

In this workshop we cover:

  • Moving up – how to transition into a leadership role
  • Success for new Managers – the 6 shifts required. 1) Your Mindset 2) Your Relationships 3) Your Attitude 4) Your Perspective 5) Your Focus 6) Your Skillset
  • The most common challenges new leaders face
  • Understand and leverage your strengths – VIA self-assessment tool
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