Effective Performance Management


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As a leader, when you aren’t managing poor performance, you are telling everybody around you that this is OK. Some people might even follow the lead of the poor performer, and their work will suffer. Others will simply become angry because leaders aren’t managing poor performance.

“The standard that you walk past, is the standard that you set” (David Lindsey Morrison AO, Chief of Army 2011-2015)

When things aren’t going great with a new (or even a seasoned) employee, it may not be fun to address their performance problem, but letting it slide isn’t doing them or you any favours. There are times when it is clear that you, as a manager, need to step in whether you’re dealing with a remote employee or someone working on-site.

Performance issues can be characterised as poor behaviours, breach of policies or poor performance.

Managing these issues in a timely and constructive manner not only improves performance but also has a positive impact on your organisational culture. 

In this workshop we cover:

  • What are the various types and impacts of performance issues in the workplace?
  • Your role as a leader in managing poor performance or behaviours in the workplace
  • Courageous leadership – being proactive and how to have difficult conversations
  • Tools and resources to support leaders
  • The legal framework and the steps in the process – what you are required to do!
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