Developing High Performing Leaders


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When you think of the qualities of these high performing leaders, words that come to mind include that they are strong communicators, inspiring, strategic, adaptable, astute, active listeners, passionate, positive, energetic, innovative, inclusive, collaborative, resilient, diplomatic, empathetic, and humble. That is quite a list!

Leadership is learned—it does not come naturally. Educating your emerging key talent and leaders in the skills, behaviours and characteristics required of high performing leaders will set them, your teams, and your organisation up for success.

The focus for a high performing leader can also vary depending on the role they perform, the teams they lead, the company culture and existing frameworks. Being able to adapt your leadership style is key to your success.

In this workshop we cover:

  • What are the skills, behaviours and characteristics of high performing leaders?
  • What does effective leadership look like in today’s rapidly changing world
  • Aligning high performance to your role, your teams, and your organisation
  • Your journey to self-awareness – what are the strengths you can leverage and opportunities to develop – what are the self-assessment & feedback tools you can access
  • Developing your leadership vision and legacy
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