Conflict Management


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Half of Australian workers have experienced one or more serious incidences of conflict or other negative impacts from work (McMillan 2016).

These experiences are highly correlated with job dissatisfaction and stress adding to a rising cost to the workplace which is now estimated to cost the Australian economy $14.81 billion a year.

With 30-50% of a manager’s time spent dealing with workplace conflict, recognising and managing conflict in the workplace has become a key skill that contributes to the productivity of your organisation and the wellbeing its people.

In this workshop we cover:

  • Understand how conflict occurs and how to recognize escalating behaviour at an early stage
  • Become confident using different communication techniques to address conflict in the workplace
  • Understand the core techniques of de-escalation and how you can effectively apply them in your role
  • Clarity on individual responsibility for workplace behaviour
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