Change Management


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Organisations and leaders need to be able to change faster than ever before and build a strategy to ensure successful change. When creating a change management strategy, you need to realize that one strategy is not going to fit every proposed change for the organization. Your strategy should target the particular project that you are presently working on.

When dealing with change, more than 70% of change projects fail due to a lack of true change management skill and/or expertise. 

Building practical change skills that solve today’s complex business challenges should be an essential part of every leader’s development plan.  

In this workshop we cover:

  • Understand the need for change
  • Core change management principles
  • Stakeholder strategy, change impact and change readiness
  • Role of a change manager
  • Building skills to influence and manage resistance
  • How to communicate change
  • Leading through change – maintaining strategic perspective to ensure alignment of business goals to team performance
  • Understanding traditional versus agile change methodologies and the ROI
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