Appropriate Workplace Behaviours


A Human Agency's Workshops

Building and maintaining a positive and healthy workplace culture requires regular and consistent focus on values and expected behaviours.  Despite everyone’s best efforts, unfortunately bullying, harassment and discrimination can still occur at work and potentially cause enormous amounts of emotional, reputational and financial damage. Prevention is always better than a cure!

In this workshop we cover:

  • Where does ‘work’ occur – what’s in scope & out of scope
  • Recognise inappropriate workplace behaviours: bullying, harassment & discrimination and less obvious things that just don’t feel right; applied to real life examples and scenarios that fit your business.
  • Understand your role as a leader / team member / colleague / bystander
  • What to do if something doesn’t feel right, a framework for handling inappropriate or unwelcome behaviour including the escalation steps from direct feedback to formal complaint
  • Understand risk & potential consequences if not handled appropriately
  • Develop skills & confidence to handle difficult conversations & situation
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