Workforce Planning.

Boost efficiency, effectiveness and productivity through workforce planning.

Workforce Planning by A Human Agency

Understand and plan for your ​workplaces current + future demands​.

Workforce planning is knowing your organisation’s business and using this knowledge to position your organisation’s workforce to best deliver your business outcomes and manage workforce-related risks.

It is a continuous process for understanding the current and future demand for labour and the internal and external factors affecting supply.

It aims to ensure that the right people, those with the skills and capabilities necessary for the work, are available in the right numbers, in the right employment types, in the right place and at the right time to deliver your business outcomes.

Your ‘people data’ can tell an interesting story about the past, present and future.

Using A-HA’s Workforce Insights Dashboard we get up close to your people data to unpack these stories; and together test and learn key Workforce Insights about the challenges of today and the opportunities for tomorrow for your business.

Benefits of building your workforce insights:

  • Capability and capacity is the flexibly to respond to customer driven demands while maintaining sustainable and efficient operations.
  • Build agility and responsiveness to fast paced innovation and technological change.
  • Strategic approach to attracting, developing and retaining a suitable workforce and identifying critical skills gaps.
  • Strategic workforce plans are integrated into business, performance and financial planning processes.
  • Development of initiatives that address workforce demand and supply issues.
  • Understanding of the current diversity footprint of the business and ways to better leverage off the diverse talent available in different regions of operation to deliver on strategic workforce plans.
  • Talent management and succession planning strategies.
  • Attraction and retention strategies.
  • Build internal capability for strategic workforce planning with a vision for your organisation to continue the conversations into the future.

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