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Why The Festive Season Is The Perfect Time for Leaders to Reflect, Recharge and Design for a Great Year ahead

While we catch up with colleagues, friends and family through December with the annual series of festive luncheons, parties and end of year events that culminate with the celebrations of New Year’s Eve, it’s important to remember that the holiday season is also the ideal time for leaders and business owners to take a moment to reflect, recharge and get ahead for 2018.

As we planned our own A-HA! team Christmas party recently, we started discussing our goals for 2018 and the Clients that we were looking forward to supporting in the coming year, and all the great things that were possible for them.

Our thoughts turned to an interesting point – it is usually the Clients that not only celebrate the efforts of the year at this time of festivities, but more importantly, that also take time out for themselves, to recharge, reflect and design the year ahead that consistently year in year out, were the most fulfilled, successful and commercially effective.

In fact the best time to do this is over the next two weeks, when we are in an energy of celebration.

If you leave design until after your New Year’s resolutions, you will typically find yourself in a world that is in action mode whilst you are trying to plan. A further challenge you will face is that if you  try to reflect and design on your own, you won’t reach the level of objectivity and detachment required to achieve value out of the process.

According to a research study by The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) on accountability, you have a 95% chance of achieving a goal if you have commited to a regular accountability appointment with someone.

joshua-earle-133254.jpgIn the seasonal rhythms of life, endings are often a great way of celebrating collaboration and achievements of the year together, but also often serve as the unconscious launch of the stress release valve typically facilitated by some and hopefully not too many glasses of your favourite beverage at the office party – and then an extended period of physical recuperation that drags its feet well into the New year….

In the race that we now call the digital world of business, end of year celebrations serve their purpose in releasing energy and recharging batteries, however, the last month of the year when the time for action is ending, is significantly the most effective time for reflection, design and preparation for a great year ahead.

How To Get Started

It can be easy to put self reflection at the bottom of the to do list so we’ve compiled a short list of top tips to help get you started:

1.   Book in time with yourself literally in your calendar, block out at least an hour of your day. Ideally self reflection shouldn’t be an annual event but something that becomes part of your daily routine as a recurring appointment with yourself.

2.  Change the scenery – minimise distractions, turn off all devices and if you can spend time outside for a walk in the fresh air.

3.  Consider and question each key area of your life personal and professional including your career, health, wealth, relationships and family. What do you want to achieve? Are you being true to yourself and your values?

4.  Having someone to help you prepare and hold you accountable next year is indispensible.

With this in mind, as we prepare for a great 2018, why not book a one-off complimentary Design Session with one of our Senior Coaches. We can help you plan your personal reflection time and we would be delighted to allocate one of our Coaches to support you with our propriety design processes, in the spirit of celebrating achievements and designing great futures together.

Simply send you details through the contact form below and we’ll get in touch or you can email me directly, [email protected].
Wishing you a happy festive season and look forward to hearing from you!

Terry Samaras has over 20 years of global experience working with Corporates, SMEs and Start Ups across Australia, the UK, Europe and the US. Specialising in aligning Vision, Design and Performance, he is passionate about supporting Leaders making an pioneering impact and providing commercial evidence of the creative potential within us all. Terry has coached Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists and Oscar and Grammy Award Winning Artists; as well as over 350 Senior Executives, Mid- Level Leaders and First Tier Managers and their respective Teams responsible for National, Regional and International Operations.

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