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What Are You Bringing Into 2022?

This year has taught us a lot professionally, personally and beyond. Just like any other year, 2021 has brought change, growth, ideas and connections but we also know this year, just like 2020, has brought loss, uncertainty and challenges for many. The anticipation for what 2022 will bring is well and truly here, so we decided to take that into our own hands and make conscious choices about what we’re bringing into the new year.
As much as new year’s resolutions can be forgotten by the time we hit February, it can still be valuable to pause and reflect on the unique experiences we’ve all faced before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. Keep on reading to hear all our honest and personal thoughts on the year behind us and what we’re bringing into the year ahead.  

Georgia: For me, 2021 was a year of development both professionally and personally. I graduated from university, spent my first full year working in my field and learned so much from working with my colleagues. I have really enjoyed the exposure I have gotten to such a wide variety of clients and industries in my work with A-HA. In the background, I have also undergone some changes in my personal life and feel that 2021 has been a year where I’ve experienced real growth.

One thing I have heard recently that I want to bring into 2022 is to prioritise rest. I think as a young person at the beginning of my career, overworking and “hustle” culture is glamorised, especially on social media. I think it’s really important to work on recognising when you need to take a break, and not feeling guilty for doing so, and that’s what I want to bring into 2022.

Liz: 2021 has been another year filled with restrictions, lock-downs and a temperamental business and economic landscape. While we’ve been at home dreaming of a luxurious escape from reality over the past few months, what I’ve realised, and what I will be bringing into 2022 is a higher sense of gratitude and positivity. Being grateful for a loving family, beautiful country and fantastic health system, and taking a positive outlook to whatever situation may come our way again, and using that positivity to drive bold and effective decision making in professional circumstances.

Kat: I’m going to be bold and say 2021 was the final year that I believed in the power of ‘Diversity’ as a concept or practice to drive change. In 2022 I’m going to be very loud about evolving equality and ensuring that we are a country with equality of access, equality of opportunity and respect at work.

Emma: The world seems constantly switched on. As someone who’s grown up alongside social media, where your comfort zone becomes constantly absorbing information, distractions and other people’s opinions, it can be hard to separate yourself from the expectations external influences put on you. 2021 for me has been the time to challenge myself and make switching off a habit, to pause and take a step back from external influence. It’s taught me that looking inward can be just as valuable as looking outward, even more so when it comes to truly making change or decisions that reflect your own wants or needs. Tapping into those gut feelings and drowning out others’ opinions can be surprisingly powerful.

In 2022 I’ll make sure to continue tapping into intuition. I’ll question my decisions, wants and needs by looking internally, not externally. I’ll seek to be challenged and embrace change by leaving my comfort zone in 2021 and shifting into a learning zone.

Simone: I have always struggled with saying no and find I take on too much at times which leads me to becoming stressed and overwhelmed. So I am going to try to limit what I agree to in 2022 and leave behind becoming stressed and overwhelmed in 2021.

Linda: It is that time of the year when we all think about what happened in this year and what will the next year bring into our life. 2021 treated me well in my professional and personal life. I was lucky enough to start a new job as an HR Advisor. I have great colleagues and am enjoying my new role. The only thing that I would leave behind in 2021 is the pandemic! What the new year brings to me will depend on how I manage my time and resources. I am looking forward to working on exciting HR projects and alongside great professionals.

What will you be bringing into 2022?

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