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WGEA Data – three key infographics on gender equality in the workplace

Australia, it’s time to pay attention! Here are three key statistics from the new WGEA data on gender equality in the workplace released today on pay equity, the gender pay gap and board representation.

Whilst men still out earn women in every industry and all occupations, organisations are having an #AHAmoment and starting to take notice with a surge in employers analysing pay data up by nearly 11% according to the latest WGEA Data out today. Don’t get left behind, talk to us today about how you can close the gender pay gap through better reporting.



Are you named John, Peter or David? If so congrats, you are 40% more likely to be a CEO or on the board than a woman. According to WGEA data out today, female representation on boards is STATIC in Australia and few management teams are reporting on pay equity metrics to the board.

Gender equality has to start from the top – learn how you can bring pay equity to the board table




The gender pay gap is trending down but men still take home on average just over $26,000 more than women do.




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