The A-HA Story.

A-HA was built on a vision of designing HR differently.

The AHA Story

A-HA! moments spark deep insights and brilliant solutions.​

A-HA! is that moment of realisation which slowly dawns or suddenly arrives as you sit on the cusp of change or desire a game changer.

The world of work is rapidly changing to be increasingly adaptive and mobile. Our a-ha! moment was that HR can also be designed and delivered in an agile way; delivering businesses all the benefits of great HR without the overheads.

We’ve assembled our own agile, end to end dream-team filled to the brim with a breadth and depth of best in class HR expertise. Our team is your team. Everything you ever dreamed of from HR but thought you couldn’t find in one spot or afford.

A Human Agency is a new type of agency which revolutionises the human resource industry through our people, products and insights.

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HR Designed Differently.

Human-centric solutions for evolving organisations to improve the human experience.

We set about building A Human Agency on a vision of designing HR differently and not being like traditional HR. Human resources is so much more than payroll, policies, and procedures; HR is about intentionally designing great places to work where people and profits both thrive.

We deliver value by only giving you what you need, when you need it, at a cost that’s right for you. We love making things as simple as possible — complexity isn’t for us at all.

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