Break systemic barriers to gender equality through sponsorship.

A Human Agency and Sponsorship

Grow your talent with sponsorship.

Sponsorship is a deeply reciprocal strategic alliance between a senior leader and an emerging leader.

Sponsorship is different to mentoring in that it is an active alliance which builds networks and visibility inside the organisation, effectively creating and unlocking career pathways for the recipient of the sponsor’s advocacy.

Sponsors believe and invest in the careers of emerging leaders by giving them access to opportunity, supporting their skill development and advocating for them. When emerging leaders are recognised and supported, they add value to the company. Yet, research shows that men tend to be informally sponsored in organisations significantly more than women which has a direct positive impact on the career advancement of more men than women.

As part of A-HA’s ability to design and deliver D+I solutions which deliver real tangible gender equality outcomes in your organisation, we have partnered with Cultivate Sponsorship to deliver a tech enabled sponsorship program that will help both men and women in your organisations have meaningful conversations about their aspirations, leadership legacy and the pathway to realising their full potential.

Cultivate Sponsorship - Grow Your Talent through Sponsorship
Cultivate was built for organisations that want to make a difference on gender equality and understand that real change doesn’t happen overnight.

Want to know moreabout sponsorship?

Head to our friends over at Cultivate to find out more.

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