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The Countdown Is On To Re-imagine The Future Of Work.

I don’t mean to alarm you, but 2020 is about 1,000 days away. For years, 2020 felt like a time and place so far into the future that it didn’t need our close attention. But now, it’s just under 3 years away and things are getting very real. There are so many great expectations placed on 2020. For instance, almost every organisation on the planet has a 2020 strategy they’re aspiring to achieve, many in the USA are already gearing up for the 2020 presidential campaign, and Tokyo is busily preparing for the Olympic Games. It’s going to be a big year.

In my role as co-CEO at A-HA, I get to talk to business and HR leaders about how they’re preparing for the ‘future of work’ and overall, many organisations are making some terrific changes to enable that future. Though the very stark reality of 2020 is that our vision of the future is actually here already knocking on our doors today.

I was lucky enough recently to host an event in my capacity as the NSW lead for the Change Management Institute where we talked about the role of change in <strong>digital disruption</strong>.

Dominic Price, Head of Research &amp; Development and Futurist, Atlassian talked about the need to engage people more fully in these future oriented strategies. It was very apparent at how many organisations and leaders plan for the future but fail to execute.

Every day, we’re hit with imagery of a future that is pristine, clean and sterile, but the reality is far from it. The world we live in is filled with circumstances that are counter to the vision we’re being sold from companies about how the future will look.

Right here, right now there are driverless trucks hauling huge quantities of the earth’s minerals around mining sites in Queensland. There are companies in China producing advanced facial recognition systems that are linked to your bank accounts allowing you to pay for goods and services with your own face. A 3D house was printed using concrete recently for only $10,000. Just imagine what this can do for the developing world!

These are all technological innovations that are here today and available for us to consume and are already making an impact on how businesses operate. So, when we talk about 2020 bringing <strong>the future of work</strong>, we had better start looking at what’s already available to better enable us to get there.

In 1,000 days, there will be organisations right around the world being left behind by their inability to keep up. The time is not for gazing in to the crystal ball for answers of the future, the time to act is now. It’s time to look at how automation, robotics and artificial intelligence can reimagine how work gets done.

Start by engaging your teams along the way to reimagine the world of work together. Keep it human-centric, the future is not all about the technological advances and it doesn’t have to be about letting huge numbers of people go.

If you unleash creativity to innovate and redesign the way work gets done differently, you can generate a flurry of new jobs and excitement in the business that engages a new wave of energy.

So, the time is now to get cracking with your own vision of what 2020 could look like for your business. Empower your teams to innovate alongside the organisation and tap into the amazing technological breakthroughs already in existence.

Read more about the Future of Work or if you’d like to learn more, talk to us, we’re here to help.

Simon Corcoran is Co-CEO of A Human Agency, he spends his time helping organisations and people think differently about HR + Change. If you’d like to know more, talk to us, A Human Agency is here to help.

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