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Recognising Your Own Achievements – the start to gender equality


“OMG! She’s so amazing!”

Over the last week I’ve been involved in numerous International Women’s Day conversations and events. I am really enjoying seeing the celebration of women’s achievements broadening in its reach outside of the usual forums: there are more grassroots level celebrations being held than I’ve seen before, and, most importantly, more men are getting involved! The #heforshe campaign (“A Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality”) has been successful in raising the (logical!) need for all genders to be engaged in any meaningful conversation about gender equality.

But the one disappointing thing that has really stuck me this year is how women continue to perceive themselves. The refrain I keep hearing is, “OMG! She’s so amazing!”… “I’m in awe of her, I haven’t done anything big with my life!” And according to gender reporting research, I wasn’t alone!

Lightbulb Why oh why do women continue to obsess about all the things they haven’t achieved (yet…) when most have achieved so much already?

I do it myself. My ever growing ‘to do’ list is a constant reminder to me of all the things I’ve failed to do so far. But why aren’t we clearer and louder about our personal ‘Done Already – I’m a Legend!’ List? The exact same girlfriends that bemoaned that they “haven’t done anything big yet” could all compile a long and impressive ‘Done Already – I’m a Legend!’ List. For example:

Lightbulb_Bottom Get a good education. Tick!

Lightbulb_Bottom Start a career. Tick!

Lightbulb_Bottom Find love. Tick!

Lightbulb_Bottom Travel and experience different cultures. Tick!

Lightbulb_Bottom Cook well. Tick!

Lightbulb_Bottom Laugh loudly. Tick!

Lightbulb_Bottom Maybe start a family. Or maybe decide not to. Tick!

Lightbulb_Bottom Form long-lasting and supportive friendships. Tick!

The list of achievements can go on and grow and change with the years.

As Dr Diann Rodgers-Healey, Executive Director of the Australian Centre for Leadership for Women put it, “Leadership is about living to your full potential; true leadership comes from the heart and not the ego.”

This is what I love about IWD. IWD enables a universal celebration of women’s achievements: big, small and everything in between; achieved at home, at work, in the community, on a stage… any place where your passions and talent take you! That’s why YOU ROCK! Yes YOU! Because everything you’ve achieved to date is worth celebrating! Absolutely everything!

So to celebrate IWD, be brave and unleash your own inner rock god! Take a moment to reflect on your ‘Done Already – I’m a Legend!’ List, and don’t forget to also reflect on how you’re going to deal with your own inner chatter and stop the unhelpful messages about the things you’ve so far failed to do.

I bet you’ve done some amazing things right now! We’d love to hear from you about what you think is your most amazing achievement to date! Tell me more in the comments section on this blog post – I will respond!

And if you’d like to hear more real life stories of amazing every day women doing extraordinary things, a-ha! has created Women Who Rock! There will definitely be plenty of heart and no ego present! We hope you can join us to unleash your inner rock god, because you’re amazing too! And of course, everyone’s welcome: we’re all about gender equality! Check out the details blow:

Women Who Rock - an IWD event like no other - click here to find out more!

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