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Supporting Boral in delivering Diversity & Inclusion. One story at a time.

Boral Limited is an international building and construction materials group with operations in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East and North America. In Australia, they are the largest fully integrated construction materials company. They’re on a journey to transform Boral into a company known for its performance excellence and innovation. We were asked to assist in one part of its continuous improvement plans; applying best practice in the areas of diversity and inclusion.

What We Did

Together with Boral’s Diversity Council, we helped undertake a review of Boral’s diversity strategy and develop an implementation plan to deliver long-term improved diversity outcomes. It’s an ongoing project that will see us working with Boral for as long as they’ll have us. We agreed a fixed project cost and are working side by side the business to design and deliver the project, which means that we all get our hands dirty.

The Results

Boral has a compelling narrative on how diversity and inclusion adds value to their business, and is implementing key initiatives that will continue to deliver value for years to come.


“Early on in our Diversity journey we looked to A-HA to provide their expertise and partner with us to help us drive the right initiatives for the right business and people outcomes. Today Diversity at Boral is more than a statutory requirement. Our agenda is now set for Diversity & Inclusion to become a fully integrated organisational initiative.”
Kathy Mackay, Group Learning Manager
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