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We understand that all businesses do not fit in one box. When unexpected things arise we will design a tailor made solution just for you. Whether it's ad-hoc training, resolving a one-off problem or need that extra boost of HR power on the team we work with you to design an approach to suit your business.

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Each member of our team has extensive experience coaching executives and leaders in an outcomes-focused environment. Our coaching capability draws on the lived experience we ourselves have had while working in senior corporate positions. It is our belief that having the solid understanding of the stresses and challenges associated with being an executive in today's world puts us ahead of the pack.

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Sponsorship is a deeply reciprocal strategic alliance between a senior leader and an emerging leader. Research shows that men tend to be informally sponsored in organisations significantly more than women which has a direct impact on career advancement. A-HA can partner with you to facilitate a strategic sponsorship plan for your business.

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