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Simplify your data reporting with
A-HA's Diversity Dashboard.

A-HA's Diversity Dashboard is your automated diversity reporting.

If you want to measure and evaluate the impact diversity and inclusion outcomes have on your business then this is the tool for you.

A-HA’s Diversity Dashboard makes your diversity reporting simple, accurate and revealing. It analyses workforce composition, performs monthly pay equity reviews and assesses performance ratings by gender and age.

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Gain immediate insights from your data.

The A-HA Diversity Dashboard dashboard provides simple reports displaying workforce composition, pay equity status and performance outcomes. The more data entered, the greater control and transparency an organisation has to measure and evaluate its diversity progress over time. Transparency of data gives leaders the ability to make more informed decisions relating to their recruitment, performance, promotion, remuneration and talent.

A-HA's Diversity Dashboard Functionality.

A-HA’s Diversity Dashboard quickly displays your gender composition by organisation, location, business unit, team, job levels (level-by-level, like-for-like), age and tenure for a rich and regular data picture. Functionality also includes gender target-tracking so leaders can see the immediate impact of recruitment and promotion efforts. We have created in-built permission levels which will empower leaders to make informed decisions that directly impacts team gender composition.

A-HA Diversity Dashboard For D+I Strategy.

The data gathered through A-HA’s Diversity Dashboard will help you diagnose your Diversity + Inclusion strategy and identify where your problem areas and guide you to where your D+I focus needs to be in your business. A-HA’s Diversity Dashboard is your assistant in developing a D+I strategy or can help you make improvements to an existing strategy.

Your ticket to closing the gap.

Uploading remuneration data performs regular pay equity reviews to keep you informed about remuneration decisions. We give you aggregated data for the whole organisation, which you can drill down in to by location, business unit, team, job level, age and tenure.

You will be able to see where pay gaps exist in the business and build your own strategies to close them.

When performance ratings are linked with pay, you gain clear insights into how men and women are rated across the organisation. You can identify where performance outcomes may be biased and work to address them, faster. You can also view performance data by organisation-wide, location, business unit, team, job levels (level-by-level, like-for-like), tenure and age.

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