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Making Flexibility Work

Flexible work arrangements usually make you think of policies and processes which enable flexibility at work.

Imagine a workplace where flexible work arrangements are based on trust. Trust between an individual and the organisation that both are looking out for each others collective interests.

A culture of workplace flexibility based on trust is exactly what we discovered when we interviewed Marque Lawyers as a part of the Making Flexibility Work project in collaboration with the Centre for Workplace Leadership.

Download the case study now and read more about Making Flexibility Work!

Aside from making you want to work there, this case study about Marque Lawyers contains valuable insights on how any organisation can begin to cultivate a workplace culture that is supportive of individual work and life needs whilst maintaining high performance outcomes.

There truly are many shapes and sizes of flexible work and with careful consideration every organisation irrespective of industry, size or location can build a culture that supports flexible work in a meaningful way.

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