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Creating A Success Mindset

The success of your business strategy, is dependent on many factors, the most important being individuals’ mindset, without which the most promising strategy is doomed to failure. Research on entrepreneurial mindset reveals that they are passionate risk takers, focused individuals with a mantra of never give up! What is the internal process they undertake to develop their personal mindset and capacity to perform at the highest level? They are highly intuitive constantly scan their environment looking for disparate patterns and connections.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t- you’re right – Henry Ford” Henry Ford

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Intuition provides the insights that deliver great success. It is the way in which entrepreneurs uncover opportunities. The late Steve Jobs and Sir Richard Branson knew and work with this skill, every day. They are open to having insights and act with confidence on their insights. Entrepreneurs are passionate about their idea, they create with pure intentionality, despite obstacles and they have a high tolerance for risk taking.

Unpacking a success mindset

Many business people and entrepreneurs suffer personal fears and insecurities. Their initial motivation is to succeed, yet as time evolves, long held beliefs about success from parents or role models which may have been negative, discouraging or even shaming emerge and either slow down or sabotage their progress.

Unpacking what lies beneath is the key to success. By examining the inner beliefs and values which become behaviour over time and recognising the source of fears and releasing these beliefs is the start of a journey towards success.


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