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Learning Lab Speaker Series | Meet Jane Mara

In the first of a series from our Learning Lab speakers, we interview Jane Mara about her work and research into intuition and the inner workings of the mind. Jane is an author, researcher, management trainer and executive coach applying the power of personal mindset to create success for organisations and individuals. She has contextualised intuitive intelligence into decision-making, resilience strategies for stress management and to develop entrepreneurial thinking.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albert Einstein

What led or inspired you towards your work?

I was always interested in people and what made them ‘tick’ from an early age. I was shy, insecure and curious as an only child more often surrounded by adults, than my peers. My observing and listening skills became well developed as I tried to figure out the people in my life. What is it that caused people to behave as they do? I started reading psychology at age 16, which provided few answers from a very traditional approach e.g. Freud teachings.

Working in advertising and marketing led me to continue to ask the question: what is it that motivates people to behave as they do and subsequently what motivates me? I undertook further study into the workings of mind/body connection in complementary therapies such as counselling which provided more answers and more questions.

Studying for an MBA led me into lecture rooms full of analytical thinkers. This quality was much admired. I felt like screaming…. there is more to it than this! The seeds of this work were born in these classrooms. Emotional Intelligence was unheard of at this time in Australia.

I was inspired by the thought that if you could understand the more………of what made people tick, then you could help people to know and understand their behaviours to change and adapt.

What has been your most profound A-HA moment in relation to your work?

My profound insight came when I was conducting research for my first book, when the interviewees spoke about the power of their intuition, yet they more often ignored its subtle messages! Why? I asked.

I discovered that people are not aware that your intuitive intelligence is a skill that you may develop and utilise to make more effective decisions and have Ah-a moments on demand.

What are the key insights people should know about your work?

My work focuses on the ‘inner’ you! You will gain greater self awareness and insights into your behaviour and your choices when you work with me. An open-ness to new thinking is needed for this work to be most effective.

You will learn how to:

  • Have insights at will and Aha moments!
  • Have more energy and be more effective at work
  • Find out what de-rails your thinking and what to do about it
  • Manage your stress and have greater resilience every day
  • You will increase self awareness and have greater empathy for other people
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