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Gender equality is moving too slow. Time for a data change.

“If health and safety have budgets, then why doesn’t gender equality?” Libby Lyons, WGEA Director asked a packed room last week.  Even though the most recent gender data statistics show a slight increase in employers taking positive action,  Lyons urged the room that more can and must be done, and I agree with her. Here’s why:

  • Women are still underpaid in every industry with a national base salary gap of 20.9%. More alarming is that in female dominated industries like education, health care and support services, the gender pay gap increased in the past twelve months. Financial and Insurance Services topped the list yet again with a gender pay gap of 31.9%.
  • Only 37.7% of reporting organisations conducted a pay gap analysis and fewer than one in twenty have set targets to reduce any gaps
  • Organisational composition is slowly changing too with the largest promotion of women going in to managerial roles. There’s still more work needed to promote more women in to senior leadership and board positions, representation is static with three out of four directors being men.
  • Workforce participation also shifted with the number of men in part-time positions increasing.




As a diversity and inclusion enthusiast, it’s heartening to see progress. However, employers are not moving fast enough.

A critical factor that is slowing organisations down is finding the right approach and technology to simplify the complex process of data analysis, save head hours and empower HR teams to derive strategic insights from it.

We know the challenges you face in analysing data that comes from multiple HR systems that don’t talk to one another. It takes up to 80 hours for analysts to synthesise data into executive reports. It’s time consuming and time sensitive. As soon as these reports are signed off and sent out for review, they are already out of date.

This is why we have designed and built a cloud based diversity reporting tool, which enables you to report on composition, pay equity and performance data by gender and age.

Our new PPLYTX (people-lytics) tool makes your diversity data work harder to identify key gender and age trends against composition, pay equity and performance outcomes because we all want to access monthly diversity reports that are
simple, accurate and revealing.



Quickly display your gender composition by organisation, location, business unit, team, job levels (level-by-level and like-for-like), age and tenure to give you a regular rich data picture. Functionality also includes gender target-tracking to allow leaders to see the immediate impact of recruitment and promotion efforts. Empower leaders by setting up permission levels with targeted views of their teams and the organisation as a whole, which allows them to make more informed decisions that impact their team’s gender composition.


Performing regular pay equity reviews lets you stay across remuneration decision. We’ve taken the hard work out of it and all you need to do is upload the data to perform regular reviews. We give you aggregated data for the whole organisation and drill down by location, business unit, team, job level, age and tenure. You will be able to see where pay gaps exist in the business and build your own strategies to close them.


Performance ratings provide valuable insight when linked with pay. Our reports give you performance data by gender, so that you can clearly see how men and women are rated across the entire organisation. You will be able to see the pockets where performance reviews are potentially biased and have unintended consequences that are linked with pay. All data is collated to provide you with organisation-wide, location, business unit, team, job levels (level-by-level and like-for-like), tenure and age.

The more data you upload into PPLYTX, the more revealing and insightful your diversity strategy becomes. It’s that simple.



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