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Four Ways to Improve your Business Performance

If someone were to ask you what ‘Human Resources’ means to you, what would you say? At a recent small business trade show, we asked this very question to many of the people who wandered by our stall, and their answers made us realise that the first thoughts people have of Human Resources (or HR) gets pushed in to hiring and firing, payroll and pesky policy makers.

While some of these options may well be part of the HR process, it is definitely not the defining factor of what HR can do for a business. Here at A-HA, we have a very different approach to HR, where we design it differently to suit the business. Your people can be your greatest asset — done well, it can deliver profitable bottom-line results to your business.  

So, let’s set the record straight! Here are A-HA’s four ways to improve your business performance: 

1. Culture

home_culture_icecream.pngHave you ever been part of a company where the culture is unbearable? Does your workplace resound with a culture of stress, deadlines, laziness, bad attitudes or complacency? People spend the vast majority of their week at work, so it’s important to remember that the culture of an organisation can truly affect the way an employee performs and their wellbeing.  

We believe that culture is king! So, we work directly with businesses to create thriving employee experiences to achieve a higher performance culture and bottom-line growth, because we know that a happy employee equals happy customers.

2. Diversity & Inclusion

babushka.pngMcKinsey and Co.’s research has shown that companies who are gender-diverse are 15 per cent more likely to outperform their competitors, and those who are culturally diverse are similarly more likely to outperform others by 35 per cent.

We’ve known this for a while at A-HA and are committed to working with businesses to achieve greater diversity and inclusion across the board. Why? Because the stats don’t lie; greater workplace diversity equals greater success. And in the words of Justin Trudeau, because it’s 2017! Get on board!

3. Growth

Tree.pngBusinesses achieve greater growth and success when they invest in their people. Big statement, we know, but those businesses who take the time to connect their people with strategy, and strategy with performance, will experience higher growth because their people are more engaged.

A-HA works with businesses in helping them attract the right employees, train them and retain them. The quality of your internal team will deeply impact your growth and success, and our consultants are experts in working with SME’s and big businesses to ensure that their employees’ experience within the organisation is positive and on-mission with their company’s goals.

4. Leadership

specs.pngFinally, a connected leadership is critical in achieving KPIs and targets needed to drive a business forward. Leaders set the tone and pace of a business. They are ultimately responsible for the organisation — whether they’re senior leaders, frontline leaders or workplace leaders — they all have a critical role to play.

An organisations leadership needs to be able to understand their employees, retain them, provide positive influence and motivation, and lead their teams by example. A-HA works closely with business leaders to ensure that the collective are all on the same page, working towards to same goals, and creating a positive and productive environment for their peers and employees.

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