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We see Roundtables as an important part of living our values. We can’t be change-makers without thinking differently, and thinking differently only comes about from bringing diverse perspectives together! We love to connect not only with each other, but with our clients and our community. Our Roundtables bring together differing perspectives to share common challenges and solve big problems.

Currently, we run a Construction & Infrastructure Roundtable, where we explore the barriers to progress in Diversity + Inclusion and work together to drive change.

Offering Flexible workplaces with AHA


At A-HA! we are always learning from our experiences working with clients large and small. We host regular webinars to share our insights with our amazing community, so you can learn too!

Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers.

We have a depth of experience in our team. Our leader, Katriina, has a wealth of knowledge in all things D+I and is regularly invited to share her knowledge at events and conferences.  

A-ha events.

A-HA events are the place to be. Whether it’s at someone else’s event or our own, we love to share, talk and learn about things that make people tick, light up, spark + buzz. We love to bring interesting people together and create memorable moments. After all, humans are at the heart of our mission, so we believe bringing us together will help human friendly workplaces foster. 

Whether it’s a speaker role, our own in-house event or something entirely different we love to share, talk and learn about the things that make us human.

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IWD Events

IWD event

If you look at the marketing, IWD is heavily women centric. Of course, it is a day to celebrate women but if we really want change to happen, we have to have more men taking part in days like these.

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C+I Roundtable

Hosted at Nanda\Hobbs Art Gallery, A Human Agency facilitated our first Construction + Infrastructure Roundtable of 2021, where we examined workplace culture on an organisational and industry level, with our guest speakers Alison Mirams and Phillip Garling.

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Upcoming events.

Don’t miss out on the amazing events we are a part of. Check out where you need to be to be a part of a memorable ‘a-ha’ moment. 

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