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A Human Agency Diversity and inclusions

D&I is your competitive advantage.

Advances in technology and innovation are shaping the future of work, meaning businesses and people are more interconnected than ever before.

We are no longer limited to local resources, clients and customers. To connect with the full potential of clients, organisations need to be globally savvy. To attract and retain the best talent, organisations need to cultivate a culture of inclusion. D&I is not a buzz word, it is vital to the success of your business!

A Human Agency celebrates diversity, as we know it brings a competitive advantage to your business. We know that inclusive organisations outperform homogenous companies, because they have the wisdom to tap into the unique diversity of thought available within. We also understand that without inclusion, employees are at high risk of experiencing isolation and loneliness. Fostering an inclusive environment is key to employee wellbeing, which in turn allows your people to reach their full potential – helping you remain competitive in our global marketplace.

At A-HA! inclusion is our DNA. We have a depth of experience that allows us to partner with organisations at any point in their D&I journey. Whether your organisation is looking to map your workforce data, report against compliance and legislative requirements, enhance leadership D&I capability, or increase gender equity through sponsorship, we have the team and the tools to help you achieve your goal.

Road Work

Katriina Tahka Speaks to Roads Australia about the D&I opportunities that have come out of COVID. 

Organisations that proactively cultivate a culture of inclusion are richly rewarded in their ability to attract and retain diverse employees who bring with them a breadth of skills, experiences and fresh perspectives – that are the key to innovation, sustainability and high performance. D&I is a moral and commercial imperative that cannot be ignored.

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