Diversity & Inclusion Strategy.

Cultivate a culture of inclusion.

Beyond compliance to a thriving ecosystem of inclusion.

Human friendly workplaces need inclusion in their DNA.

Some companies are suffering “diversity fatigue” and their progress is plateauing. When we hear this we know that they were probably not focused on the right things in the first place. Box ticking and activities for activities sake would fatigue even the hardiest of change champions!On the other hand, organisations that proactively cultivate a culture of inclusion are richly rewarded in their ability to attract and retain a diverse pool of people who bring with them a breadth of skills, experiences and fresh perspectives –the key to innovation, sustainability and high performance. Approached this way D&I becomes a moral and commercial imperative that cannot be ignored.

But where do you begin? Organisations should have a diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy that is intrinsically aligned with its business goals and company values.  We need to start by diagnosing the current state of affairs and comparing that to the aspirations, goals and vision of the organisation. Are they aligned or is there disconnect? Humans don’t thrive in disconnect very well so we start by designing a new way forward with a long term underpinned by a focus on current reality.

A successful D&I strategy is focused on creating an inclusive culture that is both unique to the organisation and sustainable.

A-HA are thought leaders in Diversity and Inclusion. We work with organisations across sectors and industries, to build an inclusive ecosystem in which people want to work and perform at their best so that your organisation can also perform at its very best.

If you are ready to build or refresh your D&I Strategy get in touch to talk about how we can help you do that.

We partner with you to build your D&I strategy by:

  • Holding the mirror up. We gather data and insight about the way things are, which inform everything else we do.
  • Designing and implementing high-impact diversity & inclusion action plan aligned to business priorities.
  • Setting measurable objectives for achieving diversity in the workplace & measure progress against your objectives.
  • Building key performance Indicators in diversity & inclusion for leaders.
  • Benchmarking your diversity & inclusion performance against industry peers.
  • Conducting pay equity audits to gain stronger insights into the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion programs.
  • Designing and implementing programs that will assist in the development of a broader and more diverse pool of experienced employees and build pipeline of talent.
  • Drafting and reviewing Workplace Gender Equality Agency annual report Audit current practices and draft disclosures in order to meet the requirements of the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Principles and Recommendations.


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