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We focus on outcomes not transactions and we go the extra mile to make sure outcomes are delivered.
We believe that mutual learning and innovation come from intellectual curiosity, respect for different perspectives and collaboration, so when we work with our clients we bring this to the relationship. Our role is to coach and support our partners inside and outside the ‘classroom’.

A-HA draws on a number of creative and contemporary approaches to deepen learning and increase skill efficacy. In delivering any development program we understand that our role and the value we can bring is to be a connector. We connect organisations with their people, and people to the organisation. This means understanding the broader organisational strategy that underpins any assignment.


Each member of our team has extensive experience coaching executives and leaders in an outcomes-focused environment. Our coaching capability draws on the lived experience we ourselves have had while working in senior corporate positions. It is our belief that having the solid understanding of the stresses and challenges associated with being an executive in today's world puts us ahead of the pack.

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In order to ensure growth and progression of employees it is important to invest in their knowledge and learning. We offer a range of training and development programs to give your employees the tools they need to help you create a successful and thriving business.

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Sponsorship is a deeply reciprocal strategic alliance between a senior leader and an emerging leader. Research shows that men tend to be informally sponsored in organisations significantly more than women which has a direct impact on career advancement. A-HA can partner with you to facilitate a strategic sponsorship plan for your business.

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