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Unlocking the door to hidden potential.​

Development of your people is key to ensuring your organisations effectiveness and sustainable success.

In delivering any development program we understand that our role and the value we can bring is to be a connector. We connect organisations with their people, and people to the organisation. This means understanding the broader organisational strategy that underpins any assignment.

A Human Agency draws on a number of creative and contemporary approaches to deepen learning and increase skill efficacy. We know that blended learning optimises adult learning, so we design every program or workshop with this in mind, combining online educational materials, group learning, micro-learning bites to embed insight pre and post workshop. Everything we do can be adapted to be either online, face to face or a combination of both.  We find this approach allows each workshop to be highly personalised to organisational + individual needs, builds in flexibility and agility in delivery options; and allows participants to learn at their own pace.

All the way through the engagement, we take a collaborative approach when working with you, partnering with learning professionals, senior leaders and subject matter experts to ensure programs are designed and delivered to add value to the organisation and not just tick boxes.

At A Human Agency, we focus on outcomes not transactions and we go the extra mile to make sure outcomes are delivered.

Take a look at some of the workshops and development programs we have to offer.

We connect organisations with their people, and people to the organisation.

Our Approach


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