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COVID Case Study With Hazelbrook Legal

Whilst things are looking up as restrictions continue to ease, we know many of us are still feeling down. Maintaining wellbeing, motivation and connection are key challenges businesses are facing and these will continue to be key in setting up success for 2022. As performance psychologist, Jodii Maguire says, we need to be treating stress, anxiety and depression as more significant than ever before, especially in workplace contexts through focusing on tools that allow us to manage wellbeing proactively. To show you’re not alone, for the month of October, we’ll be asking our clients how they’ve been managing wellbeing through changing restrictions. We’re here to share how businesses are really responding and give you actionable advice on how to deal with the different challenges you’re facing. To kick of the month, we’re hearing from the CEO of Hazelbrook Legal, Annabel Griffin and how she’s navigating the challenge of maintaining momentum.

How have you found lockdown?
“Personally, it has made me feel very fortunate in my personal circumstances however the uncertainty and often lack of hope in the public messaging can be very draining and disheartening. On the business front the first lockdown put us in good stead coming into this second lockdown. But the uncertainty and length/reach of the lockdown, and lack of Government support have been more challenging for our business growth/bottom line this time round.”

How has the team found lockdown?
“Everyone has found it challenging for different reasons, those with children have found the wfh/schooling juggle challenging, while those without children I would say it’s the isolation.
There is also a general weariness, but I think we are coming out of that now that we have more clarity being communicated around opening up.”

How have you kept yourself & the team motivated & engaged?
“To keep myself motivated, I’ve sought to make the most of being at home by building in a solid exercise regime (which has included involving the whole family), avoiding doom scrolling through the news and just generally focusing on looking after myself and my family’s wellbeing. For the team, we have plenty of regular communication and team activities. For example we have daily workflow meetings, including separate catch ups for those in remote offices who may feel particularly isolated, and weekly team trivia. Keeping the team regularly updated and informed on how the business is travelling, and where we are headed is also very important.”

What has been the biggest challenge for managing your business through the pandemic?
“Maintaining momentum – we are a relationship based firm and we get a lot of energy, momentum and business from getting out in front of people, as well as working collaboratively as a team.”

A-HA’s Key Takeaways:

  1. Keep staff motivated through consciously curating informal time to connect. Team activities such as trivia and catch ups are great ways to do this.
  2. Stay aligned through open communication. In a time that is so uncertain, ensure you can offer employees as much certainty as you can through regular updates on the business, upcoming work and the direction you’re headed into the future.
  3. Stay flexible to maintain momentum. Ensure you remain open to change and make sure any changes you make are constructive. Training and development, trying new work routines and focusing on personal development for employees is key to maintaining momentum and focus when you’re not face to face. Yarno is a great tool for training and development and offers micro learning courses across a range of topics, such as fatigue, mental health and wellbeing.

Want to know more about the challenges businesses are facing? Keep an eye out for the next client wellbeing profile next Friday!

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