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COVID Case Study With Dental Axess

Whilst things are looking up as restrictions continue to ease, we know many of us are still sorting out ways to prioritise and sustain wellbeing and good mental health practices. Maintaining wellbeing, motivation and connection are key challenges businesses are facing and these will continue to be key in setting up success for 2022. As performance psychologist, Jodii Maguire says, we need to be treating stress, anxiety and depression as more significant than ever before, especially in workplace contexts through focusing on tools that allow us to manage wellbeing proactively.

To show you’re not alone, for the month of October, we’ll be asking our clients how they’ve been managing wellbeing through changing restrictions. We’re here to share how businesses are really responding and give you actionable advice on how to deal with the different challenges you’re facing. In this instalment, we’re hearing from the Director of Sales and Marketing, Belinda Muggleton and how she’s navigating the challenge of leading with communication and empathy in a time of rapid change.

How have you found lockdown? 

“These have certainly been times of adversity, increased stress and uncertainty. The pandemic has increased my workload due to strained resources and also due to teams working from home. This has required patience and resilience when working with the team as the changes have been rapid and challenging. It has also been important for myself to demonstrate empathy and respect towards employees as everyone’s situation is unique especially when they are working from home. The biggest challenge has been communication and engagement ensuring this continues within the team and with customers.”

How has the team found lockdown?

“I believe it has been very challenging for them as some team members are managing work space with partners working from home and also home schooling for their children. Switching from home life to work life has been difficult for the team, managing priorities, online meetings, staying motivated and maintaining productivity has meant new skill sets and mentoring from management in order to help them through these times. Also, the uncertainty of the circumstances have caused team members to question job security which we have been lucky to be able maintain all roles as they were prior to COVID.”

What have you done to keep yourself and the team motivated and engaged? 

“We have daily check -ins with the whole team, regular department meetings and full interactive use of all technology enabling communication and engagement. Communication has been key for us. Also, we have encouraged up-skilling and learning of new techniques and products.”

What has been the biggest challenge for managing your business through the pandemic? 

“Managing staff, together with navigating the everchanging health announcements with regards to restrictions has been a challenge. No interstate travel to complete installations and training has been difficult for the customer and for us. We have also needed to make changes in the way we support our customers with remote training, sales meetings, demonstrations etc. Customer engagement has been important to stay connected with our customers. We have had to change quickly in order to meet the evolved customer landscape and their needs.”

A Human Agency’s Key Takeaways:

  1. Through periods of rapid change and uncertainty, keep staff engaged by leading with empathy and respect. Recognising that everyone’s facing their own challenges will create solidarity and understanding.
  2. Communication is key to keeping your people and business thriving. Ensure your communication streams are open and create regular times for check ins and interaction.
  3. Don’t forget to focus on both the employee and customer experience. The pandemic has created challenges for creating connections both internally and externally, remember to put care into nurturing relationships with both customers and employees.

Want to know more about the challenges businesses are facing? Keep an eye out for the next client wellbeing profile next Friday!

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