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Consciously cultivate an innovation culture in your business

A-HA! congratulates each of the winning companies named today in the 2015 BRW Most Innovative Companies List.  

Companies aspiring to be named on this list will be interested to know that a culture of innovation needs to be consciously cultivated.  This great Infographic from Inventium, the innovation consultants judging the Awards, shows that 85% of the Most Innovative Companies had a formal innovation process in place.  

As with all elements of your corporate culture, innovation doesn’t just naturally spring up from the ground. Leaders set the tone, role model behaviours and can encourage experimentation and even mistakes which are quickly followed by learning and adaptation.


At A-HA! we enjoy thinking differently about common challenges, especially when it comes to helping organisations connect with their people, and people with their organisations.  

Our most recent innovation is the launch of A-HA! Learning Lab.  We run changemaking sessions in A-HA! Learning Lab exploring common business and HR challenges with the aim of sharing new perspectives and thinking.   We can help you cultivate a culture of innovation in your organisation.  If you’d like to join us in A-HA! Learning Lab sign up here to be sent priority invitations.  Or if you’d like us to come and run a tailor made Learning Lab in your organisation give us a call to chat.

Join in on a Learning Lab!  

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