Compliance + Reporting.

Improve workplace gender equality.

AHA Compliance and Reporting

Meet your gender reporting obligations.

We have the ability to end gender discrimination by creating transparency through reporting.

In Australia, many businesses have legal gender reporting obligations under the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (non-public sector employers or corporate structures with 100 or more employees) and/or as a consequence of ASX Corporate Governance Council recommendations on diversity reporting.

These reporting requirements have come into effect to:

  • Promote and improve workplace gender equality, including equal remuneration between women and men.
  • Promote consultation between employers and employees about workplace gender equality.
  • Recognise women’s disadvantage in the workforce and help employers remove barriers that stop them from fully and equally participating.
  • Encourage employers to end gender discrimination, including for family and caring responsibilities.
  • Boost Australian business productivity and competitiveness by advancing workplace gender equality.

Need help with compliance + reporting?

At A Human Agency, we can help you stay on-top of reporting obligations with our custom designed compliance + reporting tool, which will also help identify where your business may have issues. If issues are found, we can support you with our team of experts who will then work with you to develop a diversity strategy and plan to improve these areas of concern.

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