Career + Succession Planning.

Boost employee engagement + retain your talent through planning.

Career + Succession Planning

Identifying and progressing your talent.

Career planning is a process where an individual sets goals about what they want to achieve in their career and identifies where they need support or additional training/development to achieve them.

It helps in evaluating one’s interest and abilities, identifying alternative career opportunities, setting career goals and planning development activities.

Succession planning is a continuous process of identifying upcoming talent to replace the critical roles in an organisation as the current incumbents retire or leave to ensure smooth functioning of the business. During this process the talent identified are trained accordingly to fulfil the required roles.

A human agency in 2025
A Human Agency can work with you to diagnose your business with a capability map then then design your career/succession planning strategy. We have an experienced team who can work with you to implement all parts of the career and succession plans.​
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