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As your business evolves and grows, good planning is the foundation for success. Mapping and aligning your organisational capabilities will help ensure you have the skills your business needs now and into the future.

A business capability refers to the capacity, materials and expertise an organisation needs to perform its core functions. Even though you can identify business capabilities, you must have the capacity to deliver them. Capacity refers to current ability in the organisation whilst capability refers to the higher level of ability that could be demonstrated under the right conditions. Capacity is more important than the capability because if you can’t deliver then reputational and financial damage is likely to occur.

As well as understanding abilities, capabilities and capacity it is important for an organisation to be aware of its competence. This means having sufficient knowledge, strength and skill to deliver what is required.

Unfortunately, organisations often fail to realise the benefit of their greatest asset – their employees. Employees often have abilities that are frequently under-utilised within the organisation. Either they are in a role that does not require the skills that represent their abilities or entire valuable skills may be unused because the organisation is not aware they exist.

A-HA can help you to be a more successful organisation by developing a capability map; designing a career and succession plan all of which form part of your overall workforce plan and people strategy for the organisation.

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