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Katie Adams Mar 05, 2020

Domestic Violence: What Role Does Your Business Play?

By now, most people across our nation are painstakingly aware of the devastating domestic violence case involving Hannah Clarke and her children. While words cannot appropriately articulate the emotions associated with such an incident, what it does bring to light is that more needs to be done to address domestic violence in Australia. So, what is Domestic Violence? Domestic violence includes a range of behaviours that can be used to coerce and control a family member or intimat...

diversity in the workforce - workplace culture

We just signed into the World’s Biggest Trade Deal but what does this mean for workplace culture?

Australia recently entered into a partnership that has been deemed the ‘World’s Biggest Trade Deal’. Known as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), the pact includes 15 other Asia Pacific Nations such as China, South Korea, New Zealand & Japan. The included nations are said to account for almost 1/3 of the world’s GDP and had India not pulled out, encompassed almost half of the world’s population. This deal opens an unprecedented number of doors i...

Madison Tong Oct 14, 2019
flexibility in the workplace

The Flexibility Bandwagon– how can small businesses jump on and make it work for them?

Hot desking, flex-days, job sharing – these are just some of the words that come to mind when we think about a flexible workplace. In recent years we’ve seen a huge shift in the value that employees are placing on flexibility. Gone are the days where employees work a 9 – 5 job, Monday to Friday. There’s no doubt that flexible work is becoming the new norm and companies need to learn to embrace these changes. Numerous larger corporations have started to offer it, with impr...

Madison Tong Sep 26, 2019
the importance of creating a mentally healthy community

The importance of creating a community that’s focused on mental health

An ongoing conversation we’ve had throughout the year is the importance of creating and maintain a mentally healthy workplace. And while there is still a lot to be done within this area, it is exciting to see how the conversation surrounding mental health has been progressing.  Statistics from the latest report done by KPMG for World Suicide Prevention Day found that Australia’s suicide rate is set to go up by 40% in the next decade. With risk factors such as debt, isolation...

women in stem

Paving the way for women in STEM

This week we celebrate science and all the incredible achievements that mankind have made to shape the world as we know it. And without too much thought, you could probably name at least 5 different men that helped shape the world – Einstein, Newton, Edison, Galileo, Leonardo Di Vinci. In fact you can probably name 5 more men from this century that have paved the way for STEM – Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerburg , Steven Hawking, Neil Armstrong, Bill Gates. But what about women? How ...

Katie Adams Jul 29, 2019
6 key steps to optimise employee wellbeing

Mental Health in the Workplace: Six key steps employers can take to optimise wellbeing

Did you know 80% of the working population will have 1 clinical symptom of a mental illness at point in time? And yet, only 50% of organisations focus on fostering psychological health in their employees. Professor Nick Glozier of the Brain and Mind Centre, Sydney Medical School, opened an important conversation hosted by the College of Organisational Psychologists on Mental Health at Work, with these confronting statistics. Lucinda Brogden, National Mental Health Commissioner, r...

Sarah Bartrim Jul 15, 2019
staying human in a digital age main pic

Staying Human In A Digital Age

By now we are all aware of the pervasive nature of technology in our everyday lives. Whether it be our entire working day spent in front of a computer; the frustrating interaction with retail automation at Coles (‘please place your item in the bagging area’ ‘please place your item in the bagging area’ ‘please wait for assistance’), or the simple brilliance of a message from an overseas relative that arrives instantaneously on the little rectangle held in our hands: mar...

Sarah Bartrim Jun 06, 2019

The Culture Of Burn-Out In Business.

Following revelations late last year of overwork in the legal profession during the Banking Royal Commission, the floodgates have opened on this topic.  The discussion that has ensued is a difficult but important one: how can we adopt a more sustainable approach to ‘productivity’ in the corporate world?  In order to find a solution, we must first investigate the reasons behind this unsustainable work-life culture.  What exactly is the cause behind overwork and why do we d...

Liz Darlington-Brown May 28, 2019

Mental vs Physical: Why Mental Safety Needs To Be On The Agenda

As a society, we’ve begun the process of de-stigmatising mental health issues—especially in men, with amazing organisations, programs and campaigns such as 'Beyond Blue', 'R U OK Day' and 'Men’s Health Week'.  However in the workplace, the awful truth is that mental illness is still not widely accepted; being at times deemed a career killer and something that should be managed independent to our work lives. This continued stigma around mental health is magnified in industr...

Katie Adams May 09, 2019

Conscious Inclusion: We Expose How We Spark An Inclusive Mindset

We’re really proud to have embarked on our second annual road show into regional NSW, delivering Conscious Inclusion workshops to an awesome client with sites across regional NSW. If you have millions of people in one place, you’re naturally going to experience greater diversity, like in Australia’s capital cities.  Some people have a perception that Australia’s country towns are monocultural and not as diverse as the city, and there was some initial hesitation from part...

Liz Darlington-Brown Apr 12, 2019

Paid Parental Leave: The Male Disadvantage

It is rare that we discuss the disadvantages and unequal opportunities of men in the workforce, as there is an overarching perception that men ultimately do not have any. However, they do, and not only are men suffering, but the flow-on effect from this disadvantage ultimately affects women too. The issue I am talking about is one that is often over-looked and under-valued when it comes to men: parental leave. We’ve all heard the stereotypical gender binary: women are the care...