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First Step To Recovery: Workforce Planning

First Step To Recovery: Workforce Planning

If this year has taught us anything, it is that change is an inevitable part of our lives, and in order to thrive and survive, …

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Flexible Work: The New Normal Or A Temporary Measure?

The number one question I hear from business leaders and people managers at the moment is “What do we need to be thinking about for …

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First Step To Recovery: Workforce Planning

First Step To Recovery: Workforce Planning

If this year has taught us anything, it is that change is an inevitable part of our lives, and in order to thrive and survive, …

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Flexible Work: The New Normal Or A Temporary Measure?

The number one question I hear from business leaders and people managers at the moment is “What do we need to be thinking about for …

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Creating Human Friendly Workplaces During COVID-19

We have entered into a new stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, where the initial ‘crisis response’ and business disruption has begun to settle down.  Now, …

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New Options For Your Business: Managing Your Business Through This Crisis.

The number one question employers are asking me at this time is: ‘what are my options for managing my workforce through COVID-19?’.

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Staying Connected

The world is currently in a perculiar position. We are amidst a global health epidemic, being asked to self isolate, practice social distancing and disengage …

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Domestic Violence: What Role Does Your Business Play?

By now, most people across our nation are painstakingly aware of the devastating domestic violence case involving Hannah Clarke and her children. While words cannot …

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diversity in the workforce - workplace culture

We just signed into the World’s Biggest Trade Deal but what does this mean for workplace culture?

Australia recently entered into a partnership that has been deemed the ‘World’s Biggest Trade Deal’. Known as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), the pact …

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flexibility in the workplace

The Flexibility Bandwagon– how can small businesses jump on and make it work for them?

Hot desking, flex-days, job sharing – these are just some of the words that come to mind when we think about a flexible workplace. In …

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the importance of creating a mentally healthy community

The importance of creating a community that’s focused on mental health

An ongoing conversation we’ve had throughout the year is the importance of creating and maintain a mentally healthy workplace. And while there is still a …

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women in stem

Paving the way for women in STEM

This week we celebrate science and all the incredible achievements that mankind have made to shape the world as we know it. And without too …

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6 key steps to optimise employee wellbeing

Mental Health in the Workplace: Six key steps employers can take to optimise wellbeing

Did you know 80% of the working population will have 1 clinical symptom of a mental illness at point in time? And yet, only 50% …

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staying human in a digital age main pic

Staying Human In A Digital Age

By now we are all aware of the pervasive nature of technology in our everyday lives. Whether it be our entire working day spent in …

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burnout blog pic

The Culture Of Burn-Out In Business.

Following revelations late last year of overwork in the legal profession during the Banking Royal Commission, the floodgates have opened on this topic.  The discussion …

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Mental vs Physical: Why Mental Safety Needs To Be On The Agenda

As a society, we’ve begun the process of de-stigmatising mental health issues—especially in men, with amazing organisations, programs and campaigns such as ‘Beyond Blue’, ‘R …

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conscious inclusio

Conscious Inclusion: We Expose How We Spark An Inclusive Mindset

We’re really proud to have embarked on our second annual road show into regional NSW, delivering Conscious Inclusion workshops to an awesome client with sites …

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Paid parental leave banner

Paid Parental Leave: The Male Disadvantage

It is rare that we discuss the disadvantages and unequal opportunities of men in the workforce, as there is an overarching perception that men ultimately …

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The Modern (Struggling) Woman

It’s International Women’s Day , and while we pay homage to the amazing women who have come before us, who’ve paved the way in history …

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The Band-Aid Effect

#Metoo has seen a rise in women AND men ending the silence of sexual misconduct and bad behaviour in the workplace. Though we’ve seen many …

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Who is responsible for role-modelling gender equality?

When we dive into the details on the fight for gender equality, we tend to focus our attention on the large corporations — the giants …

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The #metoo Thunderstorm

The emergence of the #metoo campaign has been a significant milestone in the fight for equality. Though as the rolling thunder that is the global …

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Breaking Down the Boys Club: How Formal Sponsorship Can Accelerate Female Performance In The Workplace

Once conducted behind closed doors, corporate sponsorship is being brought into the open as a way to support emerging female leaders and improve retention in …

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Lying on Resumes

We have recently seen the unravelling of lies made on CV’s by people in prominent positions, with the likes of Giuseppe Conte, the man nominated …

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Industry competitors partner to create visible career pathways for our children

Last week, A Human Agency hosted a Construction & Infrastructure Roundtable discussion with a number of influential leaders in the construction and infrastructure industries. Katriina …

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On Saying ‘Just’ Too Often

A few weeks ago one of the participants in our Sponsorship Program forwarded us an article titled ‘Just’ Say No [1] and asked for our opinion …

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Get it right this financial year!

Small businesses are an important part of the Australian economy and are an essential part of our society. A Human Agency loves small businesses, and …

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Stepping Forward with Natalie Galea

Last year I learnt a valuable lesson. I said ‘yes’ to multiple opportunities that would normally make me feel very uncomfortable. What’s more, I even …

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Do The Nordic Countries Really Do It Better?

I’ve been in Australia for the better part of a month now (which I know is not long) and whenever I tell someone I’m from …

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Seasons Greetings! from the A-HA team


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Press Release: Teacher Training To Reduce Trade Industry Gender Gap

  The STEM+T program is an initiative from A Human Agency. It brings construction firms and schools together, with the aim to close the gender …

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Why The Festive Season Is The Perfect Time for Leaders to Reflect, Recharge and Design for a Great Year ahead

While we catch up with colleagues, friends and family through December with the annual series of festive luncheons, parties and end of year events that …

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Riding the rapids of Employee Engagement and Change Management. Four strategies to get you to the other side.

In the world of HR there are two challenges that often collide, their impact sending ripples out through an organisation, and they are not always …

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Do you have the right talent at your table?

The festive season is here. Halloween and Melbourne Cup are behind us and we are heading full speed into year-end frivolities. Our thoughts turn to …

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Meet The Team: Coffee break Q&A with Terry Samaras

Meet Terry Samaras, one of our newest Principals to join our growing A-HA team. He has over 20 years of global experience working with Corporates, …

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Gender equality can begin with a fabulous new frock!

A Human Agency (a-ha!) was proud to support Dress for Success Sydney as our charity partner at the recent Women Who Rock! IWD event. Following the …

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Gender equality is moving too slow. Time for a data change.

“If health and safety have budgets, then why doesn’t gender equality?” Libby Lyons, WGEA Director asked a packed room last week.  Even though the most …

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New WGEA Data released today on Gender Equality in the workplace – is Australia making any progress?

  Watch a video overview of the new WGEA data out today with Director Libby Lyons as she breaks down some of the key findings. …

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WGEA Data – three key infographics on gender equality in the workplace

Australia, it’s time to pay attention! Here are three key statistics from the new WGEA data on gender equality in the workplace released today on …

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How Leaders And Organisations Can Flourish By Changing Mindsets

The notion that our success in life is linked to how we think is not a new concept. Lately I’ve been pondering Carol Dweck’s work …

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Four Ways to Improve your Business Performance

If someone were to ask you what ‘Human Resources’ means to you, what would you say? At a recent small business trade show, we asked …

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Gender Bias Is All In Your Head

This morning I had an A-ha moment and to be frank, I’m furious about it. A recent study by Humanyze has provided evidence that it …

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How To Deal With A Harvey Weinstein

A-HA co-CEO, Katriina Tahka dissects how to deal with D*ckheads At Work with Chris Bath the host of the Evenings Show on ABC Radio 702. …

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Upcoming Event: Learn how to deal with a bully and detoxify the office

Do you work with a d**khead or have a bitchy boss? Does your workplace feel toxic?  Learn how to deal with a bully and detoxify …

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A-HA At Roads Australia’s Leadership on Diversity Forum: The Power Of Diverse Thinking In Action.

On Friday July 6thwe had the opportunity and privilege to attend the Roads Australia Leadership on DiversityForum. An impressive line-up of thought leaders shared their …

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Construction & Infrastructure Roundtable

Last Thursday, A Human Agency hosted our final Construction and Infrastructure Roundtable for 2018, where we explored the challenges of implementing flexible work for blue-collar …

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Meet The Team: Coffee break Q&A with Joanne Allen

Meet one of our newest Principals, Joanne Allen who joins the growing A-HA team bringing with her international experience at MD level within the financial …

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Culture hacks; the new engagement tool

Hackathons have been widely used in the tech industry to find new solutions by bringing diverse opinions and experiences to the table in an uplifting, …

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The Gender Pay Gap: What Every Employer Should Know

In the run up to Equal Pay Day on the 4th September, it’s clear that Australian organisations are making slow progress with pay equity. That …

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Redesigning Unconscious Bias For Performance

Newsflash; unconscious bias training won’t solve your diversity and inclusion problems. It also won’t stop people from making the types of decisions you’re trying to …

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employee experience workplace culture

Why Workplace Culture Is The Key To Success

OK, hands up if there’s a ping-pong table, snazzy coffee machine, games room or other stress busters at your work. Does it make you more …

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Getting Started With People Analytics

People analytics can seem daunting or even confusing, but to break it down into simpler terms, people analytics is a system designed to anaylise people. …

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Workplace flexibility: Are There Jobs That Can’t Be Worked Flexibly?

A-HA recently ran a session with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) and a group of employers on how flexibility  is applied to your typical ‘inflexible’ …

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A Human Agency co-CEO Katriina Tahka to speak about accelerating business performance through agile workforce planning at the B2B Expo, the biggest small business expo on 28th June

Katriina will be sharing insights on how to accelerate your business performance with cost effective and agile solutions for engaging talent at the B2B Expo …

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10 Ways To Boost Employee Engagement

Over the past few weeks we’ve read and heard a number of reports of toxic workplace cultures. Uber is the latest organisation to be stung by …

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Why Law Firms Are Like Crocodiles

In our recent legal Roundtable law firms were humorously referred to as ‘crocodiles’ because they haven’t changed for years, but are smart and have survived. …

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Cultural Diversity in the Workplace: 3 Essential Elements for Success

This week, on the 21st of May, we celebrated International Day of Cultural Diversity. Whilst not as well known as Harmony Day in March, it …

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3 Smart Ways To Invest Your HR Budget for the New Financial Year

  Want to know how to invest the rest of your HR budget for the year?  We have created a priority list of hot EOFY …

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The Rapidly Changing  Workforce

It’s exciting to realise that the face of business — especially small business — is rapidly changing to reflect the evolving social, economic and global …

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The Sh*t HR Says

Ever received a ridiculous comment from a HR professional? We’ve been sharing some HR horror stories with you over the last month. In case you …

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Data Driven Results To Close The Pay Gap

Today is Equal Pay Day. It falls on this day to mark the additional time from the end of the financial year it takes for …

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3 Steps To Conquer Self Doubt After A Career Break

There are moments in life when you can really question yourself and your decisions. The self-doubt ‘monster’ starts creeping up and tapping you on your …

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How To Keep People At The Heart of Company Restructure

In a highly competitive and dynamic business environment, SME companies have to be quick to adapt to change whether it’s due to a merger, buy …

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Everyone belongs: Celebrating Harmony Day 2017

Over the past 70 years, over seven and a half million people have migrated to Australia to make it their home. Today as we celebrate …

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My #AHAMoment: Meet Simone Gigg

Have you ever taken time out from your career, be it a break or to have a child or due to illness and wondered how …

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The Countdown Is On To Re-imagine The Future Of Work.

I don’t mean to alarm you, but 2020 is about 1,000 days away. For years, 2020 felt like a time and place so far into …

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Working From Home – Reality versus Perception – the BBC clip that absolutely nails it!

If you happened to miss the extraordinarily delightful moment where a daughter dances in to the room while her father is conducting a BBC TV …

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EPD infographic - how the GPG adds up

How The Gender Pay Gap Adds Up

Equal Pay Day falls tomorrow, 4th September. It marks the additional time from the end of the previous financial year it takes for a woman …

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On International Women’s Day, lets make a pledge to keep diversity alive all year round

Be bold for change is the campaign theme this year for International Women’s Day, so as we take part in the various IWD events today, …

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The Sh*t HR Says – Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of The Sh*t HR Says. We believe it’s time to be bold around calling out the things that HR don’t …

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How To Change Your HR Story Using Data Analytics

Everyone loves a story; whether it’s for learning, for pleasure or for business. And when it comes to HR there is no exception. Today HR, …

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Meet The Team: Coffee break Q&A with Clare Babbage, Principal

Clare Babbage has recently joined the growing A-HA team as one of our newest Principals, bringing with her a depth of experience that spans the …

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Top Tips To Fire Up Your Workplace Culture

As we get stuck into the new year, for many business owners, it’s a time to plan, reassess strategies and refresh goals. Clients often ask …

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Gender Equality: How do we drive change in 2017

Gender equality in the workplace has been under the spotlight in the last week at the World Economic Forum with Christine Lagarde, the head of …

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How to create an informal coaching culture

Can we talk about coaching for a moment? We need to demystify it. A few months ago we soft launched our coaching suite to the …

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The future of work & parenting – what’s next?

Working fathers today are far more involved in their children’s lives than ever before and in families where both partners work, sharing the work and …

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Creating A Success Mindset

The success of your business strategy, is dependent on many factors, the most important being individuals’ mindset, without which the most promising strategy is doomed …

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The Hidden Skills Gap: Getting More Women Into Trades

Getting more women into STEM fields is a critical part of boosting innovation in Australia. While government and industry initiatives are a step in the …

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Creating Conscious Leaders and a Mindset For Success

In the first of a series from our Learning Lab speakers, we interview Jane Mara about her work and research into intuition and the inner …

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Learning Lab Speaker Series | Meet Jane Mara

In the first of a series from our Learning Lab speakers, we interview Jane Mara about her work and research into intuition and the inner …

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Rethinking The Performance Review

Born in the industrial post war era when bosses ruled the production line by fear, the traditional annual performance review has grown into a bureaucratic …

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Together: A Diversity Narrative that is built on Connection not Difference

‘Together’ was the theme of #TEDxSydney 2016.  The incredible line up of (dare I say!) diverse speakers sparked in me the big idea that we …

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Leadership Series | Torrents and Toothpicks

Flexible working arrangements, the rise of digital/social communication, increasing economic uncertainty, constant change, endless reshuffling of the deckchairs…how is a leader to cope? Well clearly …

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The Future of Work isn’t All Bots, it Must Include People

Last week I attended the 2016 Future of Work conference hosted by the Centre for Workplace Leadership in Melbourne. The brilliant line up of guest …

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HR Analytics that Deliver Powerful People Insights

HR Analytics has been a hot topic for the past few years however many businesses and HR practitioners still have little or no knowledge and experience in …

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Sustain your diversity strategy all year round

March was a very busy month for diversity and inclusion.  Many organisations celebrated International Women’s Day (IWD) and then Harmony Day.  Now in April larger organisations ( 100+ …

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IWD2016: Moving from talk to action with five important pledges

It’s been more than 100 years since International Women’s Day was first recognised in 1911. In that time there has been important progress in improving the …

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Fire up your workplace culture and performance!

A-HA’s recent research in collaboration with the Centre for Workplace Leadership is featured in Smart Company this week. Here’s a copy for you, our loyal readers, in case …

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Strengthening gender diversity in Australian organisations

Background The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) is the peak body when it comes to gender diversity in Australia and is an Australian Government statutory …

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Making Flexibility Work

Flexible work arrangements usually make you think of policies and processes which enable flexibility at work. Imagine a workplace where flexible work arrangements are based on trust. Trust …

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Tips for maximising impact & minimising stress of workplace investigations

Workplace investigation. Usually these two words make you cringe. Something has gone wrong. Someone may be hurt. Someone else may be to blame. Either way a …

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What will your workplace gender equality report tell you?

For many kids and companies alike, the end of year signals report card time! Receiving a report at the end of the year can be a …

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Coaching: moving beyond the framework

Most of us love a good framework. Nothing gives us more comfort and confidence that using a tried and tested framework or model, especially if …

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Coaching: moving beyond the framework

Most of us love a good framework. Nothing gives us more comfort and confidence that using a tried and tested framework or model, especially if …

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Firing the big guns at gender equality

The appointment this week of Senator the Honorable Marisa Payne as the Minister of Defence has been the single most exciting and symbolic step towards …

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A-HA! Leadership Series Part 2: The Strategist

In Part Two of the A-HA! Leadership Series, we meet The Strategist. Convinced of their own ability yet surrounded only by people who love them. …

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Was Tony Abbott performance managed?

Australia has its fifth Prime Minister in less than five years with the rolling of Tony Abbott for Malcolm Turnbull and there are two things …

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A-HA! Leadership Series Part 1: The Perfectionist

The Perfectionist – they’re conscientious, impatient & afraid to make mistakes… The Centre for Workplace Leadership recently released a series of satirical clips on bad …

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The Future of Work is… here!

Predicting the future is something humans have been doing for centuries.   When it comes to work, the future of work is a hot topic …

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Consciously cultivate an innovation culture in your business

A-HA! congratulates each of the winning companies named today in the 2015 BRW Most Innovative Companies List.   Companies aspiring to be named on this …

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Who plays Follow the Leader? Why cultivating your followers is a mark of real leadership

We spend so much time developing our leaders – but what about our first followers?  What’s a first follower? Picture this – an outdoor music …

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Making gender equality work for your organisation

A-HA! is proud to have worked with the Centre for Workplace Leadership on the Workplace Gender and Equality Strategy Project. The final report released today …

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Fill your talent pipeline: Ready, Set, Hire!

The Government recently announced a pilot program aimed at subsidising nannies for late night shift workers. This is an exciting first step towards making child …

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Strong change management is the key to unlocking successful unconscious bias programs

Unconscious bias is the must have ‘little black dress’ of the moment. There are countless organisations exploring how it impacts their business, leaders, and key …

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Is bravery the best leadership trait?

The wonderful Margie Warrell ( released her book called “Brave – 50 everyday acts of courage to thrive in work, love, and life”. We caught …

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Sustainable diversity strategy or annual celebration? Keeping diversity alive all year round, not just in March and April.

March is always a busy month on the diversity calendar! Between International Women’s Day (IWD) on 9th March and Harmony Day on 21st March most …

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Women Who Rock! And Rock the House We Did!

Australian women are as diverse as our landscape and history. On Friday 20 March the Women Who Rock: Make it Happen IWD lunch was a celebration of …

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Workplace Investigations: How to Get It Right

By now many people in Australia will know Todd Carney’s name for all the wrong reasons. After his infamous ‘bubbling’ photo, he was sacked from …

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Being Strengths-Based in Dealing with Failure

Everybody fails; even the greats! Madonna taking a tumble during a recent live performance proved that even the most well rehearsed events can go horribly …

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Recognising Your Own Achievements – the start to gender equality

“OMG! She’s so amazing!” Over the last week I’ve been involved in numerous International Women’s Day conversations and events. I am really enjoying seeing the …

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What does International Women’s Day really mean?

It’s that time of year again! Preparations are well underway in many organisations for International Women’s Day (IWD), celebrated globally on the 8th of March …

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Leadership Challenge – Ten Tips: Every Day Employee Engagement Ideas

Have you ever looked across the table at your boss and thought to yourself, “You’re an incompetent idiot”? Chances are, we’ve all worked for someone …

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