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flexible work

Staying Connected

The world is currently in a perculiar position. We are amidst a global health epidemic, being asked to self isolate, practice social distancing and disengage

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culture change

The Band-Aid Effect

#Metoo has seen a rise in women AND men ending the silence of sexual misconduct and bad behaviour in the workplace. Though we’ve seen many

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bad behaviour

Lying on Resumes

We have recently seen the unravelling of lies made on CV’s by people in prominent positions, with the likes of Giuseppe Conte, the man nominated

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The Sh*t HR Says

Ever received a ridiculous comment from a HR professional? We’ve been sharing some HR horror stories with you over the last month. In case you

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Learning & Development

Creating A Success Mindset

The success of your business strategy, is dependent on many factors, the most important being individuals’ mindset, without which the most promising strategy is doomed

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flexible work

Making Flexibility Work

Flexible work arrangements usually make you think of policies and processes which enable flexibility at work. Imagine a workplace where flexible work arrangements are based on trust. Trust

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