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Working From Home – Reality versus Perception – the BBC clip that absolutely nails it!

If you happened to miss the extraordinarily delightful moment where a daughter dances in to the room while her father is conducting a BBC TV interview, you need to do yourself a favour and YouTube it immediately.

This short clip is absolutely nailed the reality of working from home. We try so hard to mask the fact that we’re working from home by making sure that when we’re on calls that the place is quiet. For Prof. Robert Kelly who was doing his live broadcast from his home office, his plan didn’t quite work out.

What I find so warming of this short clip is that it demonstrated real life. It could have happened to any of us. Whether it’s the kids, a dog barking, doorbell ringing, or the microwave beeping to let us know lunch is ready. The truth is that we’ve all been there and tried to hide it in the moment.

Since the video has now gone viral and so many comments are emerging of people relating to it, it seems as though it’s something we all experience but don’t talk about.

Wouldn’t it be a lot more fun if we were able to talk about the funny moments in our lives and embrace the fact that sometimes, sh*t happens?

Besides, have you seen the way the little girl dances in to the room? That has to brighten anyone’s day.



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