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A Human Agency co-CEO Katriina Tahka to speak about accelerating business performance through agile workforce planning at the B2B Expo, the biggest small business expo on 28th June

Katriina will be sharing insights on how to accelerate your business performance with cost effective and agile solutions for engaging talent at the B2B Expo Business Matters Seminar Series held at the International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney on the 28th June.

“SME’s are the engine room of Australian business; adding 56% of total value to the economy and employing 68% of the workforce. By adopting agile approaches to achieving talent growth, SME’s can achieve their business goals without blowing the budget. There is a large pool of highly skilled professionals ready to work with SME’s in a flexible way, you just have to know how to reach them”

kat_tahka_profilepic.jpgThe Australian workforce is changing rapidly. You can see this is a risk or an opportunity. The opportunity for SME’s is to embrace change and think beyond permanent full-time employment as the only solution for building your team’s capability.

According to the Future Jobs report by the World Economic Forum, a third of the core job skills currently in demand will change significantly or become redundant.  By 2020, businesses will need to focus on hiring people with a different skillset that includes creativity, emotional intelligence and cognitive flexibility.

Many existing specialist and strategic roles for SME’s are already difficult to recruit for, and this situation is likely to become worse across the next ten years particularly in STEM businesses.

By tapping into different approaches to engaging talent you can access the skills and experience of experts that would otherwise be out of your reach as a SME and super charge your business performance.

In the session Katriina will share insights and her top tips for SME’s based on successful client case studies as well as the personal perspective of how A Human Agency has been able to accelerate it’s own performance as a rapidly growing SME by utilising different strategies for engaging top talent.

Katriina Tahka is co-CEO of A Human Agency. She is a creative and practical leader with a serious commercial spine, who quickly connects expertise + fresh ideas to create solutions that work.

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B2B EXPO 2017 is organised by Australian Business Forum (ABF), a business platform that facilitates the growing and networking of small and medium-sized enterprises across various industry sectors. Register here for free.

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