Creating human friendly workplaces.

Where positive culture thrives and businesses grow!

We create human friendly workplaces by having inclusion and culture at the heart of everything we do. It’s in our DNA!

We know that when an organisation intentionally design great places to work—through a focus on people, culture, inclusion and development, and more—the organisation thrives.

We pride ourselves on delivering outcomes and not just outputs, and we measure our success by you achieving your success measures. We work with large and small teams/organisations and bring entrepreneurial thinking to large environments.

Our human-centred methodology

A Human Agency takes a collaborative approach in everything we do when working with our clients. Our mission is to ensure that our strategies, solutions and programs are specifically designed and delivered to add value to your business + all the people who work there. We call it our Five D’s. It all starts by understanding the problem, risk or opportunity from all perspectives. We’re all ears in the discovery phases, listening and learning what will make a real impact. Then we swing into action! Nothing makes us happier than when people say “A-HA!”…
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Nothing tells a story like good data

A clear picture of the current state creates a base line upon which progress can be measured, Don’t have data? No problem, we’ve got a few tools in our kit bag that we can use to assess the current state.
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Got blindspots that need a light shone on them?

We interrogate both qualitative and quantitative data to extract meaningful insights about what’s working well + red flags for areas that might need attention.
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Want to hear how things are really going?

Employees are usually one of the best sources of information. We all know diverse thinking is the secret to in novation - but people aren’t often given a forum to voice their perspectives and ideas honestly.
AHA's Workplace Culture


Armed with all the information.

The next steps is to build a strategic framework which incorporates the findings from quant/qualitative research and includes recommendations from best practice research + employee suggestions. A good strategy then needs an action plan and measurable outcomes to make change happen.
Retention and retaining your talent


Let’s get to work and make it happen!

A-HA can do the delivery or partner with you to get it done. Capability and capacity are the key ingredients for successful delivery and we can work with you to make sure you have an abundance of both.

Our Mission To Achieve #equality365

A Human Agency commits to creating human friendly workplaces every day, every year. We believe equality should be upheld, fostered and maintained 365 days a year, not just when the next international event rolls around. We are constantly striving to shed light on diverse experiences to improve culture at work for all. 


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Meet the team

Our team are advocates for creating healthy, thriving, and human-friendly workplaces.

When it comes to our people, we cannot boast a more amazing team who offer a breadth and depth of knowledge and skills.


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