Creating human friendly workplaces.

(Virtually, in person and shared spaces). Where positive culture thrives and businesses grow!

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Human centred design and positive psychology.

We use human centred design and positive psychology as the primary methodologies to assist our clients.

A Human Agency takes a collaborative approach when working with clients to deliver in- house learning, partnering with learning professionals, senior leaders and subject matter experts to ensure programs are designed and delivered to add value to employees and the organisation.

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Nothing tells a story like good data!

A clear picture of the current state creates a base line upon which progress can be measured,

Don’t have data? No problem, we’ve got a few tools in our kit bag that we can use to assess the current state.


Got blindspots that need a light shone on them?

We interrogate both qualitative and quantitative data to extract meaningful insights about what’s working well + red flags for areas that might need attention.


Want to hear how things are really going?

Employees are usually one of the best sources of information. We all know diverse thinking is the secret to in novation - but people aren’t often given a forum to voice their perspectives and ideas honestly.

We are highly skilled at facilitation listening sessions, in an environment of trust, where people share their honest views of how they believe things can be improved.


Armed with all the information.

The next steps is to build a strategic framework which incorporates the findings from quant/qualitative research and includes recommendations from best practice research + employee suggestions.

A good strategy then needs an action plan and measurable outcomes to make change happen.


Let’s get to work and make it happen!

A-HA can do the delivery or partner with you to get it done. Capability and capacity are the key ingredients for successful delivery and we can work with you to make sure you have an abundance of both.

Thrive in any circumstance!

Sometimes we can’t avoid the disruption and turmoil that businesses face, but what we can control is the planning and strategy of that business, to ensure our people and business can remain aligned to purpose.  

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Meet the team

Our team are advocates for creating healthy, thriving, and human-friendly workplaces.

When it comes to our people, we cannot boast a more amazing team who offer a breadth and depth of knowledge and skills.


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