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Experience bottom line growth from looking after your people

The quality of your internal team has a direct impact on the experience your customers have with your business. Your employee experience incorporates how people work, interact and deliver against the mission. We know that when Small + Medium businesses focus on their people, they achieve big goals. When businesses align their employee and customer experiences they achieve bottom line growth.

We offer HR consulting solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Talk to us today about growing your bottom line through people.


  • No ongoing fees, you pay as you go
  • Log all of your people questions via the A-HA hotline and follow progress online
  • Great for businesses with minimal people needs

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  • Agreed monthly fee suited to your needs based on A-HA growth path
  • A-HA helps you grow by building your people capability over time
  • A-HA works in-house or virtually with you
  • Great for businesses with growing people needs

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  • Specialist HR project needs where you pay per project
  • Ideal for more complex people needs
  • A-HA offers HR experts who work in partnership with you
  • Great for businesses needing expert people advice and support

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