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Higher performance through inclusive experiences

The case for diversity and inclusion in business has already been made; when done well, it can deliver high performance and a strong return on people. We know that every business is on their own journey, which is why we’ve designed our approach differently.

A-HA can help you start from scratch by building a strong reporting baseline, to understanding the lived experience your people have of inclusion, through to realising true organisational performance and innovation.


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Here's how A-HA can help your business achieve higher performance through inclusive experiences

  • Access our dashboard to measure your composition, pay equity and performance by gender and age
  • Get regular reports that can feed in to your WGEA annual report
  • Receive a D+I audit report

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  • Get the reporting bundle plus understand the lived experiences of inclusion through listening sessions
  • Receive a D+I heat map of strengths and challenges
  • Get a D+I strategy and change plan based on your needs
  • Access programs like ‘Redesigning bias’

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  • Get the whole experience and let A-HA take you to the next level on how your business can realise true performance through its D+I practice
  • A-HA can undertake a research project to understand the secret sauce that makes D+I so awesome or, not so awesome in your business

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Diversity & Inclusion Experience

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Clients & Latest Projects


Supporting Boral in delivering Diversity & Inclusion. One story at a time.

Together with Boral’s Diversity Council, we helped review Boral’s diversity strategy and develop an implementation plan to deliver long-term improved diversity outcomes.

Boral now has a compelling narrative on how diversity and inclusion adds value to their business, and is implementing key initiatives that will continue to deliver value for years to come.

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Thinking outside the box with the Centre For Workplace Leadership.
Researching Australia’s leading places to work.

The Centre for Workplace Leadership is dedicated to leadership research, improving the quality of leadership in Australian workplaces, and developing leaders. The Centre is at the forefront of best thinking on the future of work and what it looks like.

They’re well known for putting unconventional ideas out in to the world for consumption. They asked us to research some interesting topics with them; gender equality, workplace flexibility practices and great organisational culture.

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"The Centre for Workplace Leadership engaged A-HA to work on the Gender Equality Strategy project in 2015, a project for the Department of Employment. A-HA worked with our researchers during the interviews contributing questions and feedback based on their expert knowledge; and assisted in writing and editing the case studies. A-HA were a pleasure to work with and helped us meet a very tight project timeline. The support and expertise A-HA provided contributed to the success of the project and has led us to hire A-HA for a new project currently underway."

Sally Orpin, Marketing and Communications Officer, Centre for Workplace Leadership.