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Tips for maximising impact & minimising stress of workplace investigations

Workplace investigation. Usually these two words make you cringe.

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Workplace Investigations: How to Get It Right

By now many people in Australia will know Todd Carney’s name for all the wrong reasons. After his infamous ‘bubbling’ photo, he was sacked from his football team. 

But what happened next is an important lesson for all companies and HR teams, as Carney took his football team to court for unfair dismissal – and won.  

The incident was the last in a line of controversies for him, and it certainly achieved the most public prominence, with many in media and social media expressing their disgust. The tide of public of opinion was certainly not in Carney’s favour, so the management of his team probably thought they were on sure footing when they sacked him. Surely such public notoriety warranted sacking?

Maybe. What’s definite is that it warranted a due diligence process.

Carney won his case on the basis that management didn’t give him the opportunity to plead his case in front of a tribunal.

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