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Culture hacks; the new engagement tool

Hackathons have been widely used in the tech industry to find new solutions by bringing diverse opinions and experiences to the table in an uplifting, creative, sometimes frustrating, yet highly engaging way.  It got me thinking. If the tech industry brings diverse people together to solve common problems, why can’t we apply the same logic to culture?

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Why Workplace Culture Is The Key To Success


OK, hands up if there’s a ping-pong table, snazzy coffee machine, games room or other stress busters at your work. Does it make you more productive?

We know that having these fun breakouts in businesses can reduce stress and help maintain focus but, the harsh reality is that only 13 per cent of employees worldwide are engaged at work. In other words, only one in eight employees are psychologically committed to their jobs and likely to make positive contributions to their organisations, meaning that maybe the ping-pong table and coffee machines just aren’t cutting it. Can you imagine the cost to business when 1:8 employees are disengaged in their work?


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Workplace flexibility: Are There Jobs That Can't Be Worked Flexibly?


A-HA recently ran a session with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) and a group of employers on how flexibility  is applied to your typical ‘inflexible’ jobs that have client, time and location demands such as construction, sales and shift work.

The common challenge that many of the participating organisations faced was shifting the overall mindset, perceptions and culture in the workplace about how work gets done, particularly for construction and sales, where people need to be physically onsite and available for face time with clients.

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Why Law Firms Are Like Crocodiles


In our recent legal Roundtable law firms were humorously referred to as ‘crocodiles’ because they haven’t changed for years, but are smart and have survived. When I hear law firms being referred to as crocodiles I think it is because they, like crocodiles, can only move in a straight line making it difficult for them to change direction. So what does this mean for the future of work for the legal industry?

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Cultural Diversity in the Workplace: 3 Essential Elements for Success

This week, on the 21st of May, we celebrated International Day of Cultural Diversity. Whilst not as well known as Harmony Day in March, it is an important day for global recognition of how cultural diversity can enrich rather than divide communities.

Modern Australian society has been built on an intentional platform of multicultural policy. According to the ABS 2011 Census, 45% of Australians have one or more parents born overseas.

Yet the reality is that we live in a diverse multicultural society which is not reflected in our workplaces. If you think progress in gender diversity is glacial, then the picture for cultural diversity at work is even more dire.

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The Sh*t HR Says - Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of The Sh*t HR Says.

We believe it’s time to be bold around calling out the things that HR don't do well. We hear horror HR stories all the time and think it's time to start shining a light on why they're so bad.

We are launching ‘The Sh*t HR Says’ campaign to share our own cringe worthy moments to show that you are not alone, many of us have had horrendous experiences and it’s time to name it to tame it!

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Top Tips To Fire Up Your Workplace Culture

 As we get stuck into the new year, for many business owners, it’s a time to plan, reassess strategies and refresh goals. Clients often ask for our advice and there are usually common questions and issues that pop-up. We know that many of us are short on time too so we’ve decided to create a bite sized series of videos on our top tips, advice and HR how-to’s.  In our first video, we share our top tips on how you can transform your workplace culture to achieve business goals. 

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The future of work & parenting - what's next?

Working fathers today are far more involved in their children’s lives than ever before and in families where both partners work, sharing the work and family juggle has become a necessity. Perceptions of modern fatherhood are slowly changing, but dependent on what your job is and where you work, there are still cultural and economic barriers to achieving equality at home and shared parenting.

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Together: A Diversity Narrative that is built on Connection not Difference

 'Together' was the theme of #TEDxSydney 2016.  The incredible line up of (dare I say!) diverse speakers sparked in me the big idea that we need a new human narrative about diversity and in this we have a lot to learn from starfish. Yes starfish. But more precisely, the complex natural systems that all living things are a part of and the ecosystem that connects everyone and everything.

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Fire up your workplace culture and performance!


A-HA's recent research in collaboration with the Centre for Workplace Leadership is featured in Smart Company this week. Here's a copy for you, our loyal readers, in case you missed it!

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