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Industry competitors partner to create visible career pathways for our children


Last week, A Human Agency hosted a Construction & Infrastructure Roundtable discussion with a number of influential leaders in the construction and infrastructure industries. Katriina Tahka lead the discussion, with insightful input by our guest speakers Jannene McLean from CSIRO and Allegra Spender from ABCN.


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Press Release: Teacher Training To Reduce Trade Industry Gender Gap


The STEM+T program is an initiative from A Human Agency. It brings construction firms and schools together, with the aim to close the gender gap in STEM and Trade careers. In Australia, construction is the most male dominated industry, with females making up only 12 percent of the workforce*. Women must be encouraged to join this field, not only to provide gender balance, but to boost the industry’s dwindling numbers of skilled workers.

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The Hidden Skills Gap: Getting More Women Into Trades

Getting more women into STEM fields is a critical part of boosting innovation in Australia. While government and industry initiatives are a step in the right direction for the science, technology and engineering fields, talent supply into the construction and infrastructure industries is falling below sustainable levels.

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