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Gender Bias Is All In Your Head


This morning I had an A-ha moment and to be frank, I’m furious about it. A recent study by Humanyze has provided evidence that it is the way women are treated, not their behaviour, that is the main contributor to gender inequity in the workplace. Let me unpack that a little for you.


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Redesigning Unconscious Bias For Performance

Newsflash; unconscious bias training won’t solve your diversity and inclusion problems. It also won’t stop people from making the types of decisions you’re trying to change. The truth is that people will continue to make unconscious decisions about other people because that’s what our brains are wired to do. Sheep dipping people through a 3-hour workshop where they learn about the brain, followed by an implicit association test isn’t going to change evolution.

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Strong change management is the key to unlocking successful unconscious bias programs

Unconscious bias is the must have ‘little black dress’ of the moment. There are countless organisations exploring how it impacts their business, leaders, and key decisions. Unfortunately, most organisations are bundling it with diversity and inclusion efforts only, which isn’t getting the traction they need to sustain it. I was recently invited by the lovely folks at Peoplecorp to deliver a short session on how to embed unconscious bias, so I thought I’d share it with you also.


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