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The Band-Aid Effect



#Metoo has seen a rise in women AND men ending the silence of sexual misconduct and bad behaviour in the workplace. Though we’ve seen many people come forward with allegations of misconduct and engage in conversations around how this campaign empowers others to similarly come forward, there has been very little discussion as to why this has gone on unreported for so long and how it can change.

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The #metoo Thunderstorm


The emergence of the #metoo campaign has been a significant milestone in the fight for equality. Though as the rolling thunder that is the global #metoo campaign continues to hit more high-profile companies and individuals, the question I have is will the momentum brought on by #metoo be enough to change the underlying toxic workplace cultures that exhibit these similar behaviours?

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How To Deal With A Harvey Weinstein


A-HA co-CEO, Katriina Tahka dissects how to deal with D*ckheads At Work with Chris Bath the host of the Evenings Show on ABC Radio 702. You can listen to the segment here (from 1.06 mins in) or click more to read the full interview.

If you're interested in learning more, Katriina will be speaking at the D*ckheads At Work discussion panel this Thursday 19 October at 6.30pm, presented by The Clear Spot Club and Jackie Dent at The Belvoir St Theatre.

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