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Rethinking The Performance Review

Born in the industrial post war era when bosses ruled the production line by fear, the traditional annual performance review has grown into a bureaucratic nightmare for many. It is a throwback to a ‘command and control’ mindset that attempts to quantify individual performance into a number. At its most extreme form employees are ranked, rated and mapped out on a bell curve (known as the infamous ‘stack and rank’ process) with devastating consequences to staff morale and talent retention.

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A-HA! Leadership Series Part 2: The Strategist

In Part Two of the A-HA! Leadership Series, we meet The Strategist.  Convinced of their own ability yet surrounded only by people who love them.

This is the second blog in a six part Leadership Series which draws on Centre for Workplace Leadership 'Bad Bosses' videos.  In Part One we met The Perfectionist. Let's see how they compare...

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Was Tony Abbott performance managed?

Australia has its fifth Prime Minister in less than five years with the rolling of Tony Abbott for Malcolm Turnbull and there are two things we can learn from it;

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