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Top Tips To Fire Up Your Workplace Culture

 As we get stuck into the new year, for many business owners, it’s a time to plan, reassess strategies and refresh goals. Clients often ask for our advice and there are usually common questions and issues that pop-up. We know that many of us are short on time too so we’ve decided to create a bite sized series of videos on our top tips, advice and HR how-to’s.  In our first video, we share our top tips on how you can transform your workplace culture to achieve business goals. 

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The Hidden Skills Gap: Getting More Women Into Trades

Getting more women into STEM fields is a critical part of boosting innovation in Australia. While government and industry initiatives are a step in the right direction for the science, technology and engineering fields, talent supply into the construction and infrastructure industries is falling below sustainable levels.

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Rethinking The Performance Review

Born in the industrial post war era when bosses ruled the production line by fear, the traditional annual performance review has grown into a bureaucratic nightmare for many. It is a throwback to a ‘command and control’ mindset that attempts to quantify individual performance into a number. At its most extreme form employees are ranked, rated and mapped out on a bell curve (known as the infamous ‘stack and rank’ process) with devastating consequences to staff morale and talent retention.

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Supporting Boral in delivering Diversity & Inclusion. One story at a time.


Boral Limited is an international building and construction materials group with operations in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East and North America. In Australia, they are the largest fully integrated construction materials company. They’re on a journey to transform Boral into a company known for its performance excellence and innovation. We were asked to assist in one part of its continuous improvement plans; applying best practice in the areas of diversity and inclusion.

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