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Get it right this financial year!


Small businesses are an important part of the Australian economy and are an essential part of our society. A Human Agency loves small businesses, and we believe in supporting them to see growth and success within their industries. The new financial year is a great time to have a deep look into your business and see how you can make changes to lay a stronger foundation, to ensure your business is working in the best possible way. Making key changes to the way you operate your business can be an important factor into whether your business succeeds and grows this financial year!

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Lying on Resumes


We have recently seen the unravelling of lies made on CV’s by people in prominent positions, with the likes of Giuseppe Conte, the man nominated to be Italy’s next Prime Minister and even the former Labor MP, Barry Urban, who has recently resigned after similar lies had been exposed.

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Do you have the right talent at your table?


The festive season is here. Halloween and Melbourne Cup are behind us and we are heading full speed into year-end frivolities. Our thoughts turn to celebrations at work and at home. Gatherings at this time of the year are typically marked by the sharing of a meal around a table. This got me thinking.  We put a lot of thought and care into who is invited to sit at our table on social occasions, but what about tables in the work environment? Do we have the right people sitting around these? People whose achievements and contributions we want to acknowledge and the people who will carry our businesses onwards and upwards into the new year? Are there people at our table who are not pulling their weight or who have the wrong attitude or skills to help us reach our commercial goals? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then please read on. Help is at hand.....

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