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Do you have the right talent at your table?


The festive season is here. Halloween and Melbourne Cup are behind us and we are heading full speed into year-end frivolities. Our thoughts turn to celebrations at work and at home. Gatherings at this time of the year are typically marked by the sharing of a meal around a table. This got me thinking.  We put a lot of thought and care into who is invited to sit at our table on social occasions, but what about tables in the work environment? Do we have the right people sitting around these? People whose achievements and contributions we want to acknowledge and the people who will carry our businesses onwards and upwards into the new year? Are there people at our table who are not pulling their weight or who have the wrong attitude or skills to help us reach our commercial goals? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then please read on. Help is at hand.....

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How Leaders And Organisations Can Flourish By Changing Mindsets


The notion that our success in life is linked to how we think is not a new concept. Lately I’ve been pondering Carol Dweck’s work on a Growth versus Fixed Mindset, as it relates to our ability to respond to and embrace the future of work in our roles, as both employees and leaders of people. Change is everywhere, and my experience is that those who respond best to change are able to see more potential and are not limited by present circumstances.

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Four Ways to Improve your Business Performance


If someone were to ask you what ‘Human Resources’ means to you, what would you say? At a recent small business trade show, we asked this very question to many of the people who wandered by our stall, and their answers made us realise that the first thoughts people have of Human Resources (or HR) gets pushed in to hiring and firing, payroll and pesky policy makers.

While some of these options may well be part of the HR process, it is definitely not the defining factor of what HR can do for a business. Here at A-HA, we have a very different approach to HR, where we design it differently to suit the business. Your people can be your greatest asset — done well, it can deliver profitable bottom-line results to your business.  

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Building the foundations of a robust people plan to support sustainable growth.


Tellus Holdings Ltd is an infrastructure project development company with a high growth agenda. They needed a dedicated resource three hours per week to be the face and office of all things HR.

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